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How Financial Services Can Reimagine Contact Centre and Customer Success With AI-Driven Analytics

Watch this webinar to learn how financial services can empower contact centre teams with data and AI-driven analytics to maximise the customer experience and grow revenue.

Contact centre teams need a complete view of the customer to provide remarkable service. But faced with legacy technology systems, siloed data sets, and operational weaknesses, many financial services are experiencing decreasing CSAT and NPS scores, plus higher customer and agent churn.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to overcome contact centre challenges by adopting a data-driven strategy. You'll see how AI-driven analytics helps you get a 360 view of your customer data, forecast call centre volume, and understand narrative insights—helping you better serve your customers.

Watch now to learn:

  • Reimagine contact centre operations via a data-driven strategy
  • Maximise customer experience using data and AI-driven analytics
  • Empower analysts, agents, and executives with key KPIs
  • Get a 360 view of customer data and forecast call centre volume

Visit the Tableau Vault for Financial Services to watch more content.

About the speakers

Phil Walton

Phil Walton

Director – Financial Services, Tableau

Phil is a Director for Tableau’s Financial Services Industry and a “Dynamic Leader” with 35 years of large-scale sales and revenue management in the financial services industry. His technology experience spans global financial services organizations, technology firms and consulting firms. He has deep knowledge in the global financial services industry with executive sales management, customer relationship management, retail and consumer banking; branch, mobile and call center technology, credit card processing, mortgage processing, insurance, wealth management, brokerage and capital markets.

Phil is well respected in the Global Financial Services Industry having held CEO and leadership positions at leading organisations, has led several industry Thought Leadership Conferences and a Financial Services Industry Board of Advisors for 30 of the largest institutions around the world.


Laura Record

Principal Solution Engineer

Laura has been with Tableau for 7 years and is aligned with enterprise accounts.

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