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28 Okt, 2014
Tableau Desktop (Back to top)
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If you performed an action on a dashboard (select an item for example), then went to another dashboard, you could not clear the action when you returned to the original dashboard.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
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When multiple browser tabs of the same view were open, you could refresh the view in each tab except for the last.


Clicking the Back button in IE9 and IE10 when accessing views embedded in an AngularJS page caused the page to stop responding and error: “SCRIPT5009: 'ss' is undefined.”


Downloading a workbook that is connected to a published data source residing on the default site, which was a data source that was originally published to a non-default site, caused the error: “No data source ‘’ found in repository” when the data source was deleted from the non-default site.


When publishing a workbook with an OData connection that had a URL of more than 255 characters, an internal error with response code 500 occurred.


Disabled the SSLv3 protocol in Tableau Server to mitigate the POODLE (CVE-2014-3566) vulnerability.


Running the tabadmin start and restart commands returned an error when the tabadmin user’s permissions did not allow connecting to postgres directly.


Performing manual security scans of Tableau Server revealed an XSS vulnerability when using IE11.


Resolved some OpenSSL security vulnerabilities.


When a workbook was published to Tableau Server, titles that had "Fit Width" selected did not extend the full width above a scroll bar (if a scroll bar is present). The same titles in Tableau Desktop do extend the full width, including above any scroll bar.


In a distributed environment, when configuring a backup primary, tabadmsvc sometimes did not re-install successfully on workers.


Creating an extract of a published data source caused the start of week to change.


When connected to a data extract, setting a dashboard filter action to Exclude All Values, and then creating a context field in a worksheet caused values to be excluded when using the dashboard filter action, regardless of selection.


Data sources published to Tableau Server caused the start of week and fiscal year settings to change


Sometimes changes made to a published data source, such as hiding a field or converting a dimension into a measure, are not preserved when a new workbook is created in Tableau Server using the published data source.

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