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Cette version contient un correctif de sécurité crucial pour Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server et Tableau Reader, qui permet de réduire l'exposition aux attaques HDM (homme du milieu) ou par déni de service. Pour contrer ces attaques, nous avons mis à niveau la bibliothèque OpenSSL utilisée par les produits Tableau concernés.

Date de publication:
12 Juin, 2014
Numéro de version Tableau Desktop:
Numéro de version Tableau Server:
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When reading decimal values of a fixed precision number data type from Oracle Tableau would display "#Error". When reading the same decimal values from Oracle, Tableau would correctly read in the decimal values.

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Issue ID

The version of PostgreSQL used by Tableau Server was upgraded to 9.3.4. This upgrade resolves a PostgreSQL issue that, for some customers, resulted in increased database size and decreased performance. This problem resulted in many repetitions of "WARNING: pgstat wait timeout" in the PostgreSQL log files. Customers that worked around this issue using” tabadmin set pgsql.use_vacuum_job=true” need to reset this value to the default using "tabadmin set pgsql.use_vacuum_job=false". Tableau recommends you do the reset before upgrading, but you can do so immediately after installing the new version if you need to.


Adding a worker node to the Tableau Server cluster will no longer consume a core license when the worker is not configured for any server processes or any core licensed processes.


The PostgreSQL ODBC driver used by Tableau Server was upgraded to version 09.03.0300.

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