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Après mai 2023, les corrections de problèmes seront publiées sur la page https://issues.salesforce.com.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
15289550 W-15289550 When loading certain worksheets in a workbook published to Tableau Cloud, an error appears.
15518470 W-15518470 Project leader is not listed under permissions in the Data Source permissions as shown in screenshots. Listed under Project Permissions and Workbook permissions, but missing in Data source permissions.
15308504 W-15308504 Extract datasources with a huge volume of data are used in the affected workbooks. Accessing these workbooks is slow or fails.

ID du problème Description
14750937 W-14750937 Extract refreshes are reporting as failed from Jobs page on Tableau Cloud. On the other hand, the extract refresh itself is successfully updated (data-wise). However, since the extract refresh continually ""fails"" this way, if the schedule will enter a suspended state due to the repeated failures. Same extract refresh issue is observed with Tableau Server 2023.3.x release.

ID du problème Description
14798004 W-14798004 When the published data source involving two different Snowflake database connections, Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server does not show the correct saved OAuth credentials for the second Snowflake database connection.
14882837 W-14882837 In Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server, credentials are not embedded for Salesforce Data Cloud connections even though OAuth credentials have been embedded. As a result, attempting to refresh these connections will result in an error.

ID du problème Description
14239619 W-14239619 When editing a box plot in web authoring, the following error could occur: Unexpected Server Error LogicException:Internal Error - an unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed.
14451923 W-14451923 When refreshing Prep flows in Tableau Cloud, the following error appears: Error Code: 0x925AE018 Something went wrong. Try rerunning the flow. com.tableausoftware.server.status.reporting.TableauRuntimeException: System error: TableauException: Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed. Something went wrong. Try rerunning the flow. Run flow job failed with the error code 0x925AE018 The issue occurs both for scheduled and manual runs of the Flow.
13193281 W-13193281 Time zones for Mexico no longer observe Daylight Savings Time (DST), but schedules which use the Mexico City time zone run 1 hour ahead with DST adjusted time.
13737587 W-13737587 The URL on the "Item Hyperlink" dimension in the Viz Load Times data source does not align with the correct URL for the workbook.
14691041 W-14691041After a successful login to Tableau Cloud via SAML IdP on a pop-up window, the login button is still displayed and the embedded view is not loaded.
12800246 W-12800246 In Tableau Cloud, subscriptions may intermittently fail with one of the following error codes: 0x2002354c or 0x2a66959d.
14094838 W-14094838 Google BigQuery JDBC datasources (whether embedded in workbooks or published separately), with embedded service account credentials, display in the UI for Tableau Cloud/Tableau Server as not having embedded credentials, despite the fact that the service account creds are actually embedded, valid, and working. Functionality is not affected (the data source/embedded service account creds do work, whether using as a live connection or to refresh an extract), so this is merely a UI issue. Additionally, this only affects the JDBC BigQuery Connector. The legacy BigQuery connector displays as expected.
13140498 W-13140498 The scheduled Flow job wasn't cancelled after the container was restarted and kept running until the job hit the timeout after 24 hours.
13784114 W-13784114 When running a script against the Metadata API, and error could occur stating: Can't show all data because the timeout limit PT1M has been exceeded. Use pagination, additional filtering, or both in the query and try again.
13651434 Sorting Top Level Projects by "most-least" and "least-most" result in no items returned and the error, "There are no projects".
14286931 W-14286931 When dragging the Profile pane drawer to the top of the screen and then back down the following error would occur: Error: Sanitized error ResizeObserver loop completed with undelivered notifications.
13139726 W-13139726 Running a flow that used a live Virtual Connection as input and connected to a large table, the output of the flow would always display 0 rows. The status showed "Succeeded".


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
13701885 W-13701885 Type-in parameter suggestions would not always auto complete in Tableau Cloud.
13523647 W-13523647 The latest data source changes are not immediately reflected in the flow connecting to data sources via a Tableau Bridge live connection.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1388839 In a project description when parenthesis are preceded by an upper case letter, the parenthesis and text within the parenthesis would not be displayed in the project tooltip.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1491783 The Tableau Bridge client running in Service Mode would become disconnected Intermittently. The refresh of the extract would also fail due to the disconnected state.
1417077 Subscription image and PDF did not reflect the Custom View filters on Stories as expected. Clicking the view link would display the filters correctly.

Publishing TDE extracts to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud is retired functionality that will now result in the error, "Publishing TDE extracts is not allowed on this Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud". Please see this Tableau Community post for more detailed information.

1470646 An Explorer (can publish) user could not update content on Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud when the User Visibility setting was set to "Limited". An error would display, "User X does not have permission to add tags on content VIEW with ids X. (errorCode=1)".
1451653 When attempting to edit a parameter in a workbook that has a published data source, the following error could occur, "Connect to 'DATASOURCENAME' to get 'VALUE' value for this parameter.
1432156 Alternative text is now generated for online and embedded visualizations and visualizations in dashboards. This content includes the visualization title, type, and information about rows and columns when using a screen reader.
1501118 The font displayed in the original view was not the font selected and would change to the correct font after a refresh.
1492922 An extract created from a hyper file with multiple data sources was not refreshing. When using Bridge, a fix has been added to allow changing the connection type of extract refreshes to use Tableau Cloud rather than Bridge when a published data source has multiple data connections.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1503109 Any content created before 2/20/2023 and moved from one project to another, and the original project is deleted, the content that was moved will get deleted. The content will not be showing on either project. The error "Page unavailable" will display when trying to open the moved content.

ID du problème Description
1479169 When removing a user and the user is not showing to own any content, the following error could display, "User could not be deleted because they own content." The error can occur when the user had previously edited a Prep flow and saved the change as a draft. There is a flow remaining in a draft state. Cloud is resolved as of 1/12/2023.

ID du problème Description
1395017 Scheduled data alerts are not automatically triggered when data is not scheduled to refresh.
1411990 When a workbook is opened, the dynamic parameters would not load a 'datetrunc' value.
1431254 1438340 Duplicate records could display on the data preview pane, download data button from data preview pane, Rest API, Tabcmd, and the Viz url with ":format=CSV" parameter.
1472085 When opening a view, the error "Cannot read properties of undefined (read "0") " could display.
1407078 Selecting one item in a row or cell can sometimes cause the entire row to be selected. If selecting other marks on a crosstab in a quick succession, a crash could occur.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1435217 Prep Flows can intermittently fail with large data sources or complicated flows and result in the error, "System error: TableauException: Service Unavailable. Check to make sure the service is running."

ID du problème Description
1392296 When attempting to change a date filter, the following errors could occur, "Unable to complete action month out of range. Value '-2' must be between 1 and 12. Error Code: 58D44822." Another error that can display is "TableauException: month out of range".
1405051 When using a URL action to load another dashboard and specify a field value containing an ampersand character, the URL is rewritten and fails to load.
1433337 OneDrive and SharePoint Online extracts could fail being refreshed in Tableau Cloud.
1423415 Loading embedded dashboards with Extensions when using connected apps would result in an error for the extension.
1433358 Workbooks and data sources using the OneDrive and SharePoint Online connector have unexpected publishing options.
1430694 The custom format of a decimal number on an axis could change after being published to Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server.
1394831 When loading a view with a workbook that has a live connection to a published GBQ data source it would sometimes result in the following error, "LayeredProtocol: Missing attribute error".


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1357543 When refreshing or connecting to Amazon Redshift in Tableau Online, errors would sometimes display showing "Error occurred while trying to prepare a query" or "[SQLState XX000] extraneous data in \"T\" message." Amazon Redshift driver updated to 1.4.53.

ID du problème Description
1324230 A user's personal access tokens were removed when the user's authentication method changed. In addition, some of the user's user filters were also removed.

ID du problème Description
1324336 When using tabcmd to save a view as a .png with set filters, the resulting .png would sometimes not reflect the correct filtered values.
1368128 After selecting "open workbook" from Tableau Desktop not all published workbooks would display.
1365026 When navigating to the published data source that was connected to Databricks, the "edit Data Source" button would be grayed out.
1401163 An internal parameter would sometimes display on the Optimize Workbook dialogue box when the browser language was set to Japanese or Korean
1359250 The "Publishing" dialogue box name dropdown would sometimes display workbook names.
1389955 When attempting to hover over fields in the Ask Data pane, it would sometimes result in the error "STATUS_BREAKPOINT".
1386176 The axis date labels would sometimes display incorrectly after publishing.
1356245 Users would sometimes be unable to edit published data sources while using AWS Athena.
1380483 When trying to list workbooks, it would sometimes result in an error reading, "An unknown error related to remote content was detected".


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1398256 The Kanji character was incorrect when using the Workbook Optimizer.

ID du problème Description
1378142 When publishing a flow to Tableau Server or Tableau Online using either Prep Web Authoring or Builder, if the flow had multiple write-to-database output steps that publish to the same connection, the publish would fail with "Unknown Server Error".
1397597 An intermittent error could occur when changing a filter value on a dashboard, "LogicAssert at ../runtime-rendering/DataStoreUtilities.cpp line 884: paneKeyIt != paneRowColToKeyMap.end()".
1358578 Visualizations within tooltips applied across all marks, were not properly passing filters when there were multiple fields. The filter would only work against the last field.
1365285 Share links for site names that contain a hyphen would redirect to an error page stating, "That page could not be accessed."
1348908 The error, "Unrecognized Format Changes" could occur when connecting to a published data source from Databricks which was created or changed on Server.

ID du problème Description
1320693 When attempting to load a dashboard within a story it would sometimes result in the error, "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'tuples')".
1284608 1361279 A custom view would sometimes not reflect the dynamic parameter in a subscription email.
1318717 Set actions would sometimes not apply after publishing a workbook to Tableau Online when using a published data source.
1323751 After clicking on a Flow Connection Name while in grid view, it would sometimes result in the error, "Page Unavailable"
1364359 Virtual Connections Not Able To Connect To DB When IP Address Is Used
1365060 When a user was added to a Tableau Online site using "Tableau with MFA" authentication, they would not receive the expected invitation email used to sign up for a Tableau.com account.
1410376 Connections now support the underscore character in the Server name. This change enables Tableau Bridge pools to support data freshness tasks in the domains defined by any server names that use the underscore in the Private Network Allowlist.
1326892 After publishing a workbook the text would sometimes change its alignment.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1288859 A custom unit string can show a duplicated item when published.
1219908 Dashboard filters could show different results and behavior when comparing to Tableau Desktop.
1301737 It was not possible to reset verification methods in Tableau Online from the users TableauID profile (on Tableau.com).
1301523 When attempting to enable the setting "Let users run extensions on this site", the checkbox was missing to perform the action.
1312158 When viewing a visualization in Tableau Online or Tableau Server 2021.2 or higher, a grey background could be changed to white.
1361759 Tableau Online subscription email delivery would sometimes be delayed by twenty minutes or more.
1288230 The origin point on an axis could change from 0 to a different value when published.
1347487 When trying to refresh a published flat file using a custom schedule, it would go to a direct Tableau Online connection and would fail, instead of going to Tableau Bridge.
1210415 An intermittent error could occur refreshing an Amazon Redshift extract with the notification email stating, "Tableau Protocol Server process might be terminated, possibly due to system resource constrains or another external source."


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1247357 Text wrap would sometimes not work properly after 2021.1 upgrade.
1266374 When publishing a workbook, the custom number format on an axis may not show correctly when using a percentage symbol.
1283410 Site admins were no longer receiving the extract refresh failure bell or email notifications when another user's data sources and workbooks fail to refresh.
1270060 Cell background color could be changed to white after publishing.
1252452 The fiscal year start month was reset after publishing to Tableau Online or Tableau Server 2021.1.
1252455 The date axis label could render incorrectly if there is only a single data point.
1270519 After publishing a workbook with the locale "English (Ireland)" in Desktop, the axis start date could be incorrect.
1254849 With the date format is set in the default properties as "HH:MM" then format from a row or column shelf, the axis format is lost when published.
1249169 When a workbook is published to Tableau Online or Tableau Server 2021.1+, a visualization using a custom number format on an axis would not display correctly.
1266677 When publishing a workbook, the quarter values on an axis could disappear.
1272036 Date formatting (MMMMM) could be lost in the published view.
1241051 Creating and publishing an extract from the Data Source tab in Tableau Desktop, would sometimes not publish the extract as expected.
1246771 When attempting to use text in a custom number format, after the view is published, the text changed to a number.
1255667 Sites are now cached for performance improvements and any site setting modification could take up to 60 seconds to propagate to all nodes in the Server.
1242116 When loading a dashboard using Relationships, users could receive the error, "Unable to proceed because of an error from the data source."
1267749 Labels on bottom headers with significant label skipping would not render.
1183688 Published workbooks with a NOW() calculation would sometimes not display the correct "Site Time Zone for Extracts" setting.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1282112 An error would occur when changing the start page for all users, "An error occurred while changing your start page. Try again."

ID du problème Description
1261215 An intermittent error "AqlProcessor evaluation failed: [SQLSTATE:HY000]" could occur when refreshing a flow.
1249538 Workbooks with an embedded PostgreSQL extract could result in a refresh error, "Deadline Exceeded".
1213387 A calculation error could display on Linux and Tableau Online stating, "The literal '##' is not a valid date."
1205224 East Asian characters have the wrong orientation for rotated header labels and axis tick labels.
1226671 A dashboard filter could display incorrect results when the workbook language was different than the Tableau Online language set.
1192406 The Extract Schedule Creation dialog could be missing when publishing a Bridge data source.
1247333 The total header border would sometimes not display when publishing a workbook to 2021.1.
1224598 "Error Code: AE406838 [SQLSTATE:53100] Hyper was unable to grow the file partition" would sometimes occur when changing a filter in a worksheet. The Tableau Online error would show "[SQLSTATE:53S03] Cannot allocate bytes of memory."
1246059 In version 2021.1, the background color of some tables changed causing the text to become unreadable.
1233240 A database connection could stay open after a Prep flow had completed.
1252464 The Clean step in a Prep flow edit or create page only showed 50,000 records when more records existed.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1242741 On occasion when attempting to perform a Run Now refresh for a flow, the job would hang until cancelled.

ID du problème Description
1231430 A Flow with embedded credentials could fail until the user reconnected in Prep web authoring.
1171738 Error "TableauException: Reference to undefined field" would sometimes display in a published dashboard when there was a menu action with an invalid field in the action name.
1236887 An error, "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Skip' of undefined", displayed when accessing a visualization without gridlines.
1172099 1109668 An error could occur when connecting to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, “Failed to authenticate the user in Active Directory."
1198766 The error "Missing password" could occur when refreshing an Odata extract.
1186387 There was no option to create a live connection in Tableau Desktop when publishing a JDBC data source.
1174414 After selecting Ask Data, an error would sometimes occur when connected to a large data source, "Encountered the following error and now waiting to retrying indexing: Can't index data due to a system error."
1208184 An error could display when trying to run a Flow stating, "System error: Unable to run input step: Failure evaluating to database: An unknown error related to remote content was detected (500)."
1242357 An extract refresh could time out with the Postgres JDBC data source.
1199451 Tableau Online would sometimes attempt to create indexes on Snowflake temp tables.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
947669 Connecting to Postgres with Tableau Online was successful, but error "syntax error at or near 'ta'" was received in the PostgreSQL logs.
1046082 Tableau Online did not have the new JDBC PostgreSQL driver installed to allow for PostgreSQL 12 connections.

ID du problème Description
1111568 When an attempt to refresh an Amazon RedShift data source or workbook or to run a subscription containing an Amazon Redshift data source, an error would sometimes occur, "Error trying to execute a query:[SQLState 22PO2] Error: invalid input syntax for integer."

ID du problème Description
1151847 Refreshing extracts to Salesforce data could fail.
1167403 Extract refresh failure notifications could be received in French when the user's language was set to English.
1122006 When a live data source is published over an encrypted extract and the live data source is then converted to an extract, the error could occur stating that "hyper already exists".
1183811 When an attempt to download a workbook was performed, "Error producing PDF!" would sometimes occur.
1199515 It was not possible to edit the connection of a JDBC data source.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1111336 In the Content Migration Tool an error would sometimes occur, "Error joining projects".

When attempting to change the value of a dynamic parameter list in Tableau Online, the value did not update.

1069279 LBLM License Usage Dashboard would sometimes display the error, "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'domNode' of undefined".
1123197 OData extract refreshes would fail after the update to version 2020.2 if the Odata server name contained a blank space.
1139406 A "DataServiceFailure" error or "insufficient privileges to operate on schema" sometimes occurred when trying to refresh or open a workbook with a published Snowflake connection.
1099929 An intermittent error would occur when opening a view, "TableauException: ColumnTable: Schema/DataTable mismatch".
1087942 An email that contained a subscription PDF file sometimes displayed the original view instead of the subscribed custom view.
1113175 Sometimes when migrating data an error would occur in the Content Migration Tool, "Invalid data source file, Illegal characters in path".
1115412 When migrating a workbook in the Migration Content Tool, and error would sometimes occur, "Error generating view metadata. Could not find thumbnail for workbook".
1129051 The Export and Toggle buttons on Stories with embedded dashboards and device specific layouts were unresponsive when using a mobile browser.
1136547 Content Migration Tool would sometimes fail when migrating a full Site with an out-of-memory condition.
1086379 When attempting to open a workbook the following error would sometimes occur, "TableauException: TFilesystem::LastWriteTime() -- Cannot get modification time of non-existent path".
1139148 With server-side rendering, a Show/Hide button containing a sheet would initially display blank.
1048396 Unexpected Server Error would sometimes occur when loading a dashboard with a date filter.
1081722 When attempting to download full data from a workbook, an error would sometimes occur, "Tableau Server encountered an error while working with this worksheet."

In the Content Migration Tool an error would sometimes occur, "Failed to download workbook. Error downloading workbook [Workbook Name], The underlying connection was closed"

1113814 Syntax errors occur when refreshing data using custom SQL where newlines are removed from the query.
1154256 When a large dataset was download, sometimes not all data was available in the output file.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1119512 The new "export crosstab" dialog will now default the selection to the active sheet. It is not required to select a sheet prior to selecting "export crosstab".
1093791 Refreshing an Amazon Athena extract on Tableau Online sometimes resulted in the following error: [Simba][JDBC](11380) Null pointer exception. The table {Table Name} does not exist. Unable to connect to the Amazon Athena server {Server Name}. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.
1112759 Some published views based on Google BigQuery failed to load with the message "The Google BigQuery Service was Unable to Compile the Query" after upgrading to 2020.2

ID du problème Description
1094586 When using a dynamic parameter in a dashboard published to Tableau Online, updated data did not appear after extract refresh.
1079205 The error "Communication with the Tableau Protocol Server process was lost" occurred when refreshing an extract, refreshing a Prep flow or when a subscription failed.
1110236 In Tableau Server 2020.2 and Tableau Online, users were unable to edit or delete refresh schedules created via REST API in 2020.1 and older versions.

ID du problème Description
599863 Updated Angular.js to version 1.7.9.
1081896 The error "Uncaught daysOfMonth should be a non-null, non-empty array" occurred when creating a custom subscription if Last under Days of Month was clicked again after it had already been selected.
1063503 When an view embedded via JS API reached the vizqlserver.session.expiry.timeout value, a "Browser Processing Error" occurred followed by an infinite spinner.
1054774 Clicking "Cancel Extract Creation" sometimes failed with "Failed to cancel extract creation job" and extract continued to process.
1061081 Filters within a Viz in Tooltip sometimes changed unexpectedly after publishing.
1049048 When using client side rendering, grid line settings were unexpectedly applied to crosstabs.
1099981 Some Netherlands municipality boundaries were incorrect.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1088018 Loading an embedded view in Chrome 80 resulted in the message "An error occurred while processing the server response".
959054 962483 Attempting to publish a SAP HANA data source (live connection with SSL) to Tableau Online would fail and the following error would occur: "Tableau Online can't connect to the data source specified or publish it with a live connection. You might need to add Tableau Online to your data provider's authorized list, using the IP address range appropriate for your site location."

ID du problème Description
1080660 Opening a published workbook that used a cross-database join sometimes resulted in the error "Hyper API: Could not connect to the Hyper server. error opening database …"
1079551 When connecting to Salesforce the error "Connectionless Failure (status code = 10000)" sometimes occurred if the user did not have View Setup and Configuration permissions in Salesforce.

ID du problème Description
1036459 Subscription dialog box was cut off when using Internet Explorer.
989598 Changing the height or width of a dashboard button caused the button image to offset.
949575 In published views, the tooltip sometimes showed a different value than the mark.
927680 After changing a site URL, the following error occured when using Tableau Desktop to open a workbook that connected to a data source published before the site URL change was made: "Item Not Found (Error Code 12)"
1037174 Published workbooks with blended data sometimes showed some unexpected values.
1004711 Right-click context menu on parameter search box sometimes failed to appear.
1033202 "Download Workbook" events sometimes displayed in admin views when users had not downloaded workbooks.
1016125 Creating or opening a workbook based on a Google BigQuery data source sometimes resulted in the error "IllegalArgumentException contentIds must be non-null and non-empty"
1037335 The error "An error occurred. [...] Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a cross-origin frame." would occur when interacting with an embedded view and attempting to save a custom view.
990611 When Tableau Bridge client is not running, sometimes no email notifications are sent to the data source owner that the next scheduled refresh is going to fail.
1029695 When subscribing to PDFs of an entire workbook that included custom views, all views defaulted to original.
969401 Custom sign-in logos looked different on the sign-in page and site selection page.
1000737 Subscriptions created between 10/23 and 11/05 may not run on Tableau Online and instead the error "NullPointerException" is received.
1033202 "Download Workbook" events sometimes displayed in admin views when users had not downloaded workbooks.
974160 Centered mark labels sometimes displayed as off-center when using client side rendering.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
1027065 Unable to cancel a running Prep flow in Tableau Online. Flow stuck "in progress" blocking other flows from running.
853138 783217 Published workbooks or data sources connected to MySQL 8 sometimes encountered issues, including extract refresh failure, failure to render the view, data rendering incorrectly and string fields appearing blank.
927551 783217 Blank data displays intermittently when accessing published workbook views using live MySQL connection.
1022552 1022748 Hourly schedules now being scheduled to run at the top of the hour, rather than every half hour on top of the hour and at the 30 minute inteval.

ID du problème Description
793734 When a column has the same name as the table, Google BigQuery fails with this message "An error occurred while communicating with the Google BigQuery data source ''. The Google BigQuery service was unable to compile the query. Grouping by expressions of type STRUCT is not allowed at [x:xxx]."
920529 In Tableau Desktop, the texts of all buttons in the UI are translated into Japanese if language is set to Japanese, however, after publishing a workbook to Tableau Server, the [Clear List] button remains in English even when user's language setting is Japanese.
892648 In browser rendering Tooltip is not displayed on the reference line label when alignment direction is "Up" or "Down".
943537 Reference line text formatting appears different from Tableau Desktop once published up to Tableau Online.
826883 There is no validation for the RunAsUser in TSM.
913047 Creating a calculated field causes spinning wheel for 10-20 seconds on Tableau Online when using Web Edit.
888383 After upgrading to Tableau Server 2019.1.1 on Linux, the second lines of worksheet titles are cut off in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
925155 When disabling or unchecking "Allow Support Access" to a Tableau Online site, the following error is displayed: "Some or all of the settings failed to save. Try again."
895545 Tableau 2019.1 is not including the msinfo32.nfo file in the zipped package (of Upload Logs) that's being sent to tech support cases.
984027 1018705 A giant "X" appears when viewing custom views in Tableau Server on Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 7.
927097 Data point filter for multiple sheets does not filter correctly in Tableau Online.
900501 Refresh button does not clear the temporary tables when using a published live connection with stored procedures.
838217 Login to Tableau Server on Linux delayed by 20 to 30 seconds when the echo service is unreachable on domain controllers.
927733 Dashboards/workbooks published to Tableau Online, do not render as expected. If the workbook/dashboard is opened in Web Edit mode it renders as expected.
855882 Cannot complete restore from backup file from 2018.2.3 on Tableau Server 2018.3.1 and getting "Running step CheckBackupCompatibility failed" error.
938543 After moving to Tableau Server 2019.2.0, when users are receiving Subscription emails, the image is in an attachment and not in the body of the email.
985254 Disabling the permission "Automatic Access to Metadata about Databases and Tables" sometimes failed unexpectedly.
902197 Published data source overwrites and changes custom measures if a calculation whose underlying XML 'name' is equal to the 'name' of a calculation that was built in a workbook connected to an earlier version of that data source.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
952499 When you made a filter selection and then selected multiple marks on the view, sometimes incorrect marks were highlighted.

ID du problème Description
886248 Week date filter range changes after publishing workbook.
927193 Subscription of view fails to send due to Workbook permissions.
865182 Sometimes the "New Workbook" button was available when web authoring was disabled. Clicking this button resulted in a "Resource not found" error.
918314 When editing schedule for 200+ subscriptions, the following error occurred "Failed to change subscription schedule".
896306 Data sources that contain user filters fail to refresh in Tableau Online with error "Cannot evaluate user filter; no current user or group".
938269 Tableau Bridge is stuck while loading data sources and then client UI disappears from System tray.
866521 Tool tip displays fine in desktop, but not after publishing workbook to Online (with data source embedded and separate). When appending "?:render=false" the tooltip, then displays as expected.
923966 When trying to delete data sources in Tableau Online, the error "Could not delete data source" occurs.
892313 When signing into Tableau Online through a browser or Tableau Desktop, an error occurs: "Not authorized, Invalid username or password.(errorCode=16)" after Being Successfully Added to Site.
930193 When viewed in a web browser, reference lines are only rendered for the first page in worksheets that use the Pages shelf, subsequent pages fail to render reference lines.
897230 When attempting to load workbook in Tableau Server or Tableau Online, this error appears "Cannot read property 'length' of undefined".
893668 在 Tableau Bridge 主機上的 Temp 資料夾中暫存檔案增長,並且檔案未清除。
882723 When attempting to change content ownership and selecting a user who already owns the content, a message indicates "The owner of has been changed", which is misleading as no actual ownership has changed.
925244 When publishing a dashboard to Tableau Online, some of the crosstab cells are not showing their data.
944544 After changing a Tableau Online or Tableau Server site name, members of user filters show as "external\".
895017 Subscriptions email not received although they are shown as sent from Tableau Online.
935920 When saving edits made while web authoring in Tableau Online, a generic "Session Ended by Server" error occurs. Occasionally VizQL Server pending JDBC connections in postgres is timed out waiting for the connection pool.
942248 958266 After editing the credentials for a cross-database join, "test connection" and subsequent refreshes failed with an "Invalid username or password" error.
954365 Bridge Machine hat einen zu geringen Arbeitsspeicherplatz „ERROR: Es konnte nicht genügend Speicherplatz zugewiesen werden. Extrakt konnte nicht erstellt werden."


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
919698 After the Tableau Online 2019.2 upgrade, when a user's locale is Chinese or Japanese, the [Modified]/[Created] column's date is missing "month" in Kanji "月".

ID du problème Description
884015 885630 Worksheets containing boolean and fixed calculations from a Snowflake data source failed to render when published to Tableau Online.

ID du problème Description
886032 When refreshing a Marketo extract, sometimes an "An unrecoverable error occurred" message occurs.
862207 Filters in published dashboards intermittently displayed an incorrect default selection.
857217 The View toolbar remained visible after removing the cursor from the view.
827481 Intermittent Server wide performance issues due to queries blocked on Sqlserver Datasource after upgrading Tableau Server from 10.2.13 to 10.5.7.
873800 Users without download permissions still had the Download > Tableau Workbook menu option accessible. Selecting this option triggered a "Save this workbook before downloading" message.
869199 Date formatting on vizportalclient incorrectly formatted for Chinese-Taiwan, Chinese-Singapore, Chinese-Hong Kong locales.
860083 Background tasks failed if the thumbnail user associated with content no longer existed.
905273 SM: NLP table 'synonyms' not created during site import from Tableau 2018.X. Site import fails because webhooks schema is missing. Site import from versions earlier than Tableau 2019.1 fails with the following stack trace: "From any server which doesn't have synonyms, 2018.X (an earlier version number), importing into a server with code that expects synonyms, Tableau Server 2019.1, there is an error."
896880 When certain custom schedule names were present, upgrading Tableau Server to 2019.1 failed with "33% - Restoring database failed."
857856 Filter selections on published views reverted back to "all" when the ESC key was pressed.
792116 When published to Tableau Server, clicking a filter replaces a legend with a green bar with a null value.
856965 Custom font sizes for URL action links were not retained after publishing a workbook.
792116 When published to Tableau Server, clicking a filter replaces a Legend with a green bar with a Null value.
818610 When you downloaded a story that used parameters from Tableau Server as a PDF, the content of the PDF did not always match the published version of the story.
830125 In some cases, it was not possible to change a parameter value in Tableau Mobile.
821966 When adding a tag to a dashboard, "An unexpected error occurred." error message appears due to duplicate QA tags in Postgres (based on lack of constraint requiring both siteID and ID in tags to be unique).


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
871212 sys_choice and related tables were missing from the ServiceNow ITSM Connector.
870908 The sc_item_option_mtom table was not available from the ServiceNow ITSM connector.
893540 When viewing a workbook on Tableau online that uses crosstabs, some or all of the text or images in the view is missing.

ID du problème Description
873991 After upgrade, existing data sources still do not have Ask Data enabled.
875450 Subscription emails displayed the incorrect image in some email applications.

ID du problème Description
834805 Upgrading from Tableau Server 2018.1 and earlier versions to 2018.2 and newer versions failed with an "InstallerException: Unable to login" error when the TSM admin password contained an exclamation point (!).
775876 It was not possible to save into a nested project using the Tableau Mobile App.
825597 Changing the default layout from list to thumbnail or vice versa did not save when using "Make This my Start Page".
815009 925750 An "Uncaught Invariant Violation: Minified React error #40" error occurred intermittently while loading certain workbooks in Tableau Online.
801622 Google Analytics extract refreshes sometimes failed with "Authentication failed"
862078 When you tried to edit an Snowflake data source that uses OAuth from Tableau Desktop or the Ask Data page, sign in failed and an "Incorrect username or password" error occurred.
816977 Custom fonts with a condensed font style were not correctly displayed when using server-side rendering in Tableau Server on Linux.
752580 When using web authoring, no horizontal scroll bar is displayed when there are too many fields on Rows.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
850275 When interacting with filters, an intermittent "tuple id cannot be resolved" error occurred.
850060 Gridlines did not render in a dual axis view with a reference band.
838918 When adding a user as a Tableau Online site administrator, sometimes a "You do not have permission to perform this action" error occurred.

ID du problème Description
819770 Filters with no shading had a grey background after publishing.

ID du problème Description
803831 In some cases, Chinese, Japanese or Korean language fonts larger than 10 points rendered incorrectly.
819596 After 10az migration on 7/21/18, embedded credentials for a standard Azure-hosted SQL database fail to connect instead displaying generic error message, unless the user is a full admin on the data base.
836626 Dashboards with "automatic" layout size, nested layout containers and subtotals displayed as blank in maximized browser windows.
842795 An "Unknown Server Error - An unexpected error occurred. LogicException: Internal Error" error occurred when viewing published worksheets or dashboards that used clusters.

ID du problème Description
837912 When applying an action filter to a dashboard in a published workbook, the error "TableauException: table arrays must be of the same size" is returned.
831271 Unexpected error message "Invalid calling object" when opening or modifying worksheets viewed in IE 11 or Edge.
836512 Maps using custom polygons are blank, distorted, or rendered as a single color box.

ID du problème Description
836618 Some Japanese prefectures (三重 Mie, 京都 Kyoto, 和歌山 Wakayama, 埼玉 Saitama, 大分 Oita, 奈良 Nara, 富山 Toyama, 山口 Yamaguchi, 山梨 Yamanashi, 岐阜 Gifu, 岩手 Iwate, 新潟 Niigata, 熊本 Kumamoto, 神奈川 Kanagawa, 福井 Fukui, 秋田 Akita, 茨城 Ibaraki, 青森 Aomori, 香川 Kagawa, 高知 Kochi, 佐賀 Saga) were not recognized as geographic roles without the the suffix appended ( like "県” or "府”)
818211 Maps using custom polygons were blank, distorted, or rendered as a single color box.
820659 Amazon Athena data sources published with "Prompt User" were inaccessible and a "Missing credentials error: Either UID/PWD or AwsCredentialsProviderClass must be provided." error occurred when you tried to access them.
817846 When an extract refresh failed, the email alert was sent twice.
792053 When using full screen mode in Internet Explorer 11, dashboards became left aligned and horizontal scroll bar was displayed, even if dashboard was set to "Fit Width" and "Automatic"
827120 When you copied the "Share" link after recovering your session, the link rendered as JSON code instead of a viz.
823066 Logging out from a website that had embedded Tableau views using SAML Single Signout (SLO) logged the user out of the IdP but not out of Tableau Online.

ID du problème Description
791195 When using Rest API 3.0 code to access user information, only old Site Role names were returned.
820533 When you used a filter on a data source with a non-January fiscal year start, sometimes an "Unable to complete action Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed" error occurred.
669546 When using the NOW() function with a live connection to Snowflake, Tableau followed the data source location time instead of the time configured on the data source server.
769845 When you called the REST API method "Query Datasources", the field "createdAt" showed the same value as "updatedAt".


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
807853 When viewing the Site Status "Background Tasks for Extracts" administrative view in Tableau Online and Tableau Server, red "Error" marks are not shown for failed refreshes when client language is set to a non-English language.
800932 When running certain kinds of queries against data stored in Google BigQuery, you can connect to tables and run queries that return small amounts of data, but if you try to return a larger amount of data or create an extract you will encounter this message, "An error occurred while communicating with the Google BigQuery data source (table name)".

ID du problème Description
810150 In Tableau Server 2018.2, a DataServiceFailure error would occur when using published extracts if the operating system locale did not match one of the languages in which Tableau's UI is available.
794254 .csv and pdf files exported via TabCMD sometimes contained invalid content.
806157 When running manual or scheduled Snowflake extract refreshes on Tableau Online and Tableau Server 2018.2, the refresh task fails with "Missing Password" error.

ID du problème Description
815955 You could not group fields by data source table in the data pane when connected to a published data source containing an extract and a data source filter.

ID du problème Description
750845 SAP HANA variables and input parameters, set for a given workbook, were not respected when generating subscription emails for views in the workbook.
742934 In some cases, if you had multiple sheets with viz in tooltip on a dashboard, the views in the tooltips would not render when you moved your cursor between the sheets.
684992 When you were connected to IBM DB2 and using date filters, the TIMESTAMP_ISO function was sometimes used in queries which negatively impacted performance.
767638 In Tableau Online, sometimes viz-in-tooltips failed to load.
761566 When viewing a story published to Tableau Online, Tableau Server 10.5.2, or Tableau Public using Safari on a Mac, text in the dashboard textboxes was being cut off with ellipses despite word wrap being set to On or Automatic.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
742626 When selecting Download Data in Chrome with the Grammarly extension installed, an  Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'parse' of undefined error occurred.
767371 For users with the Creator role, an Integrated Authentication option appeared when connecting to data which failed with a Access denied error
769384 When attempting to view a workbook connected to published data sources, an ERROR: column ... is not available after aggregation error sometimes occurred.


Release Notes

ID du problème Description
753147 Updated OpenSSL for PostgreSQL to version 1.0.2n.
752039 When viewing background tasks for extracts sometimes a TableauException: Failed to copy file error occurred.