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Tableau on AWS: How Punchh scaled it's loyalty solution to more than 70 million customers (India)

Join us at this free on-demand webinar designed to help you accelerate your cloud computing journey with help from Tableau and AWS.

Learn about how Tableau and AWS teamed up with Punchh to manage growing volumes of data, boost performance, and deliver user-friendly self-service business intelligence. The company successfully reduced development time by half, improved performance by 70% and benefitted from Tableau’s powerful integration with AWS to scale its customer loyalty solutions to 70 million consumers across the world.

Find out about their business and technical challenges, and learn how Punchh has managed to scale up the buiness by integrating both Tableau and AWS solution.

Attendees will learn:

  • Analytics in the Cloud
  • Punchh, A Tableau and AWS Customer Success Story
  • Tableau and AWS are a match made in the cloud

About the speakers

Julie Simon

ISC Marketing APAC, AWS

Tammy Panchuoi

  Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau Software

Pratik Gupta

Analytics Manager, Punchh

Varun Tandon

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau Software

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