Tableau 10.2

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Sophisticated geospatial and statistical analysis

Answer deeper questions with shapefile support, Python integration, and new statistical functions.

Spatial file connector

Leverage your spatial files directly in Tableau for custom geospatial analysis. With spatial file support, it’s easy to incorporate custom geospatial data like census boundaries or natural resources into your viz. Connect to Esri Shapefiles, KML, GeoJSON, and MapInfo file types.


Run predictive models in Tableau with Python integration. Predict customer churn or run sentiment analysis, and control the model with different parameters from a dashboard. See how easy it is to extend the power of your python models

Covariance and correlation

Understand the relationship between measures in your viz with covariance and correlation, new functions in the Tableau calculation language.

Table calc assistance

Quickly understand how table calcs are being used with your data thanks to running order labels.

Simplified data access for everyone

Connecting to and preparing data for analysis is more streamlined with powerful data prep features and new connectors.

Union updates

Get to your analysis faster with the ability to union tables from a SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, Redshift, or HP Vertica database—right in Tableau Desktop. You can also union local JSON files.

Automatic DateParse

Transform your data from a string to a date type, no calculations required. Simply choose the date type and Tableau will parse your data into the right format.

Join calculations

Create custom joins through calculations. Now you can bring multiple data sources together, even if the field formats don’t match.

Export data to CSV

Share or reuse the data you’ve transformed in Tableau by exporting it to a CSV.

Improved flexibility for the enterprise

Deploy Tableau at scale with new security, governance, and extensibility features.

Web authoring improvements

Web authoring keeps getting better. Enjoy a new top level menu with added analytical functionality, update colors and borders on your data, edit reference line distributions, and configure more dashboard options all from your browser.

New mobile toolbar

Enjoy a brand new mobile toolbar for iOS, with a sleek sharing experience and more room for your viz.

Tell the stories in your data

New legend options and formatting controls give you more ways to communicate data discoveries.

Legends per measure

Create a unique legend per individual measure so you easily spot trends when displaying multiple measures in a viz.

Map scale

Instantly understand your geographic data in context with our dynamic map scale.

Workbook formatting for lines

Save time by formatting lines across an entire workbook with just a few clicks in Tableau Desktop.

Story Points improvements

Now you have more options for telling your data story. Use an optimized layout menu to apply formatting, and choose from caption boxes or a simple numbered navigator to put your data on stage.

Marks Card

See all your pills at a glance. Now you can see all your pills on the marks card without scrolling.