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7 criteria for ISVs to consider when embedding analytics

Build or buy? Embedded analytics considerations

Technology-driven organizations often face the question “Should we build or buy?” And when considering to build or buy a modern BI solution, there are many important embedded analytics considerations. Done well, an embedded analytics integration will help your customers start productive conversations based on the solution you supply. Done poorly, visual displays can reflect badly on your company and suggest an inability to keep up with the competition. This paper will help you understand and evaluate the criteria that can guide you to making a well-informed decision that best suits your offering and organisation. These embedded analytics considerations include:

  • Taking your solution to market quickly — Delays in your embedded analytics integration become gifts to your competitors and frustration for your customers. When considering in-house development, your inevitable question will be: “Is it worth the wait?”
  • How to drive engagement and differentiation — You want customers to see immediate value in your product through beautiful analytics. Your solution will shine if the business intelligence component is simple enough to let data tell its story without interference, while flexible enough to answer any question on the fly.
  • Where internal expertise can increase value — Your company’s unique experience can really show itself as you empower your customers to make better, data-driven decisions with your application. In the decision to build vs. buy, both your customer-facing staff and your software engineers have a lot of value to offer.
  • Weighing financial considerations for your investment — Build or buy embedded analytics? Where do you invest for the most return? To answer this question, you must figure the costs, direct and indirect, over the lifecycle of the offering. This includes the resources and time to continuously maintain a solution after its initial implementation.
  • Creating a superior analytics experience for users — Regardless of your decision to build or buy, your solution should let your customer work the way they want to. An embedded analytics integration should enable smooth, seamless processes that bring powerful insights into the end users’ workflows.

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