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What is Tableau for Retail and Consumer Goods

Welcome to a new year in the Stockroom — your go-to information hub for all things Tableau for Retail & Consumer Goods! Join our leadership team as you gain of-the-moment insights and answers to critical questions.

Be sure to register and attend any of the sessions in The Stockroom to learn from our data experts, customers, and trusted partners as they share valuable perspectives, guided lessons, and resources on how to use your data to respond to the most important elements of the business. For this session specifically we will review:

  • How the current environment is impacting Retail & Consumer Goods and ways Tableau can help you problem solve and achieve success during these times
  • Best use cases of Tableau across the industry
  • A demo with Luke Stock with the newest Tableau features
  • Open Q+A to answer your most pressing questions

About the speakers


Ken Bowman

Area Vice President, Retail & Consumer Goods Enterprise Sales at Tableau

Luke Stock

Sr. Director Retail & Consumer Goods Solution Engineering, Tableau

With over 12 years of consulting experience in assisting large enterprises with his expertise in business intelligence, advanced analytics, and information management, Luke joined Tableau in 2013 to help companies adopt and deploy Tableau more broadly. Along with his background in analytics and management consulting, Luke thrives in an environment where he can work with senior leaders who are overwhelmed by the vast amounts of data in their organization but underwhelmed by the lack of insights coming from that data.

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