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Vizzing Financial Data

Finance people are said to be hard to win over to the side of data visualization. Why is this the case? Because of the data? Because of the context? Because of the people? Come along with Tableau Visionaries & IronViz Finalists Sarah Bartlett and Klaus Schulte for a deep dive into visualizing financial data.

Learn about the special context and variations of chart types often used in this special context. Sarah and Klaus also introduce techniques to improve the user experience and to draft completely custom visualizations.

About the speakers

Klaus Schulte headshot

Klaus Schulte

Professor of Management Accounting at Münster School of Business

Klaus Schulte is a three-time Tableau Visionary and a professor of management accounting at Münster School of Business. He teaches data visualization and Tableau to his accounting students in MSB’s bachelor’s and master’s programs and also helps clients with implementing data-driven management & accounting at CO data. Klaus likes thinking about how to use Tableau in innovative ways and blogs about his findings at vizjockey.com. In 2018 he competed on the biggest stage and became the #IronViz Champion at Tableau Conference Europe in London.

Sarah Bartlett headshot

Sarah Bartlett

Tableau Enablement Consultant at Red Hat

Sarah Bartlett is a 2 x Tableau Visionary, Tableau Social Ambassador and Tableau Enablement Consultant at Red Hat. By day, Sarah supports the internal Tableau Community at Red Hat and works with stakeholders to help them to overcome their data challenges and visualise their data more effectively in Tableau. Sarah holds three certifications in Tableau Desktop and is passionate about helping others on their Tableau Certification journey. In 2019, Sarah launched #IronQuest; a monthly community data visualisation initiative designed to prepare individuals for the Iron Viz feeder competitions. Sarah blogs about her Tableau experiences at sarahlovesdata.co.uk.

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