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Visualizing Data for Automotive Intelligence at Fast Lane India

Set to be the 3rd largest automotive hub worldwide by 2020, India faces the challenge of making sense out of the variety and huge volume of vehicle information. The speed of insights creation needs to align with the speed in businesses, especially when maneuvering through terabytes of semi-structured data.

In this session, Abhishek Bhardwaj of Fast Lane India, an automotive market intelligence provider shared how he is pairing pan-Indian registration data with the power of Tableau to derive agile insights about the Indian Automotive market. You will learn how Fast Lane India:

  • Implement Hadoop with Tableau for complete Big Data infrastructure and Business Intelligence solution
  • Analyze purchase history and identify market opportunities to increase sales for clients
  • Discover insights, trends and patterns of the fleet with data and maps
  • Help clients visualize and make sense of their data quickly
  • This webinar was produced with Data Semantics India.

    About the speakers

    Abhishek Bhardwaj

    Head of Business Technology, Fast Lane India
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