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Q&A with LinkedIn: Skills You Need to Get Hired

This webinar is a part of our Back to School Webinar Series.

In LinkedIn's The Skills Companies Need Most in 2019 article, Analytical Reasoning is the third most demanded skill. Hear from Head of Insights at LinkedIn, Alvin Kan, as he explores crucial skills students need to equip themselves with to stay competitive in the job market.

This webinar is intended for students and working professionals looking to better understand the rapidly changing professional landscape.

About the speakers


Alvin Kan

Head of Insights, APAC Talent Solutions at LinkedIn

Alvin leads the Asia Pacific insights team at LinkedIn that helps organizations make data-driven decisions on talent matters. He’s been with LinkedIn since it first started its office in Singapore over 7 years ago, and has worked with numerous global and Asian businesses in supporting their growth with social recruiting and talent analytics.


KJ Kim

Manager, APJ Community

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