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Build vs. Buy - Embedding Visual Analytics with Homecare Homebase & Starlims

Today, customers expect powerful and insightful analytics in your application. If you’re looking to embed modern analytics and interactive reporting into your product or service, you’re probably asking the question “Do I build or buy an embedded business intelligence solution?” The decision can be daunting. Luckily, there’s an alternative to complex, slow, and costly traditional BI.

Explore embedded analytics considerations: Build or buy?

In this webinar, we’ll go down the “build or buy embedded business intelligence” path with you, as we hear from two software companies about their decisions to embed modern BI into their products:

  • Homecare Homebase is a leading technology company serving the needs of the homecare and hospice industry for post-acute care patients. In evaluating embedded analytics, the company sought flexibility and interactivity so clients could customize their own reports. Another important consideration was the ability for customers to publish and subscribe to reports and receive alerts on the go.
  • Starlims, an Abbott Company, provides laboratory information management solutions that promote efficiency, collaboration, and compliance. The company’s needs for embedded analytics included modern, interactive visualization capabilities, mobile support, and up-to-date insights to help customers get the most from their data. Starlims also wanted white-label embedded analytics with powerful integration capabilities to create a seamless experience for customers.

Embedding analytics into your applications can not only help you create a competitive advantage through differentiating your software, but also boost your market share, increase the value and stickiness of your existing products, and create cross-sell and upsell opportunities within your customer base. Learn which criteria are most important in embedded analytics considerations, including:

  • Technology fit
  • Culture of the company
  • Flexibility and partner fit
  • Development time and costs

You’ll also hear from Tableau Software about how to leverage a market leader in visual analytics to give your product a competitive advantage while your developers focus on making your core product the best offering for your customers. Powered by Tableau: Embedding Analytics Webinar Series
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About the speakers


Tom Maxwell

Chief Strategy Officer, Homecare Homebase

Tom is the Chief Strategy Officer for Homecare Homebase and has been with the company for almost ten years. He has a long-standing career in healthcare technology and brings a unique combination of customer focus and operational and technical know-how to his role. Tom previously led teams through more than 700 successful installs while at Millbrook Corporation and GE Healthcare. His knows that our product’s technological superiority means nothing unless Homecare Homebase customers can take full advantage of it to effect change for their patients. He leads the pursuit of enhanced interoperability for our customers and their partners in the broader healthcare community and influences the technology advancement of homecare and hospice by participating in multiple panels, speaking engagements and industry events.


Shooki Grasiani

Sr. Manager of Global Marketing and Product Development, STARLIMS Corporation

Shooki is the Sr. Manager of Global Marketing and Product Development with STARLIMS Corporation. Shooki has 10 years of experience in laboratory informatics and domain expertise in the intersection of technology and science. Shooki has extensive background in product launching, development, implementation and business processes for regulated and non-regulated industries.


Russell Christopher

Sales Consultant Manager - Southeast Asia, Tableau

Russell loves data and has bar charts to prove it. He has worked in the data and business intelligence space for over 15 years and currently leads the technical pre-sales team in Southeast Asia. Russell has acted as a Solution Architect in Tableau's Professional Services group, managed the OEM technical team and held multiple BI-related sales and consulting positions at Microsoft. In his spare time he enjoys voiding warranties.


Paul Greenspan

Global Director, Tableau

Paul Greenspan is the Director of the worldwide OEM Partner program at Tableau Software. Paul has spent 25 years in technical, sales and leadership roles in the application software industry working with content management, web publishing and collaboration products in addition to data visualization and business intelligence. He lives and works in the Boston area.

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