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Data Source Best Practices

You may have heard of dashboard best practices. Now it's time to do the same for your data sources.

Data Source Best Practices goes into long forgotten areas of Tableau to help improve the reusability and adoption of your data. For those who prepare data for others, or analyze data from scratch, this virtual masterclass will take you through the theory and the practical fundamentals of the published data source.

While not as glamorous as its dashboard counterpart, you will learn that taking the effort to curate, format, describe, and profile your data is going to be so valuable to you!

Join this masterclass to learn about:

  • The concept of a published data source
  • What is the "ideal" data source?
  • Data source quick tips and the metadata:
    • Changing and formatting the data and the metadata
    • Organizing the data and metadata
    • Guiding your users on how to use the data source

This session is ideal for Tableau users and data curators. Register now!


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