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Keynote: Self-Service in the Public Sector - Giving Data & Power to the People

The modern analytics platform is one that moves from a traditional business intelligence, IT-driven report factory to a robust, agile, self-service, IT-governed analytics platform. As Gartner stated in late 2017, modern analytics platforms are disrupting both the private and public sectors. Modern analytics platforms, like Tableau, are shifting the power and flexibility of analysis and decision-making from a solely IT-driven initiative to a collaborative approach that puts more capabilities into the hands of actual consumers of information and frees up stretched IT resources to focus on greater initiatives like modernization. Given these benefits, how quickly are public sector agencies adopting one single modern analytics platform and what are the common challenges slowing adoption?

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*Disclaimer: Permission to access and view the video recordings is restricted to public officers serving the Singapore Government only. To learn more about Public Sector Analytics, contact your Tableau Account Manager or email your request to seamarketing@tableau.com

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