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Building Data Literacy with Tableau

Business leaders acknowledge the significance of using data to add value across their business—and employees agree. A recent survey from Forrester Consulting finds that globally decision-makers and employees in every department—from IT, marketing, product development, operations, and beyond—consider basic data skills the most important business skills for success.

But the data also shows a growing disparity. Departmental leaders are twice as likely as employees to say the organization has supplied the data skills workers need, showing a major disconnect. Fewer than half of employees surveyed have been offered data training. What is causing this gap, and how are companies successfully tackling this challenge?

Watch this on-demand session, featuring Forrester VP and guest speaker Martha Bennett, as we go in-depth on the current gap in data skills, and how organizations are successfully upskilling and empowering their entire organizations to make better decisions with data.


About the speakers


Martha Bennett

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Martha serves CIOs and other tech leaders, helping them understand the impact of emerging technologies on their business. She also provides best practice guidance on how to assess and introduce new and emerging technologies. Martha provides in-depth coverage of blockchain technology and digital assets, as well as analytics and artificial intelligence at a strategic level. She has also started a new research stream, looking at types of non-IT innovation that are necessary to get the most out of new and emerging technologies.

Prior to rejoining Forrester in early 2013, Martha provided custom research studies for tier 1 CIOs, covering topics ranging from big data to the role of the CIO in the transition to the digital economy. In the preceding years, she held a variety of senior management and individual contributor positions at Freeform Dynamics and various companies within the Informa Group, where her main focus area was financial services. Martha's first analyst role was as a vice president at Giga Information Group, which was later acquired by Forrester, where she became a research director for financial services. Before joining Giga, Martha's roles included head of advanced technology at Prudential and manager at Price Waterhouse's World Multimedia Unit.


Wendy Turner-Williams

VP, Chief Data Officer, Tableau

Wendy Turner-Williams manages Tableau’s Enterprise Data Strategy, Data Platforms and Services, Data Governance and Management Maturity, Data Risk, and Data Literacy. She and her team are fueling data-driven business innovation, transformation, and operational excellence at Tableau. Wendy has 20+ years of management experience across sectors, most recently leading the Information Management & Strategy Enterprise program at Salesforce.


Ashley Howard Neville

Technical Evangelist Director, Tableau

As a business-minded technologist and evangelist of self-service data, Ashley brings over a decade of experience leading cross-functional efforts to grow adoption of analytics platforms at Fortune 500 companies.

She is a data and analytics thought leader who enjoys learning and sharing insights on how to transform large, global companies to successfully leverage data platform investments and develop programmatic support to build successful cultures of self-service analytics.

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