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Live Webinar Series

Marketing departments using data as a critical asset have been table stakes for years. But the pace of digital transformation often accelerates faster than expected. Systems and processes once thought fast and efficient are headed towards obsolescence. In this series, learn how to solve some of the largest challenges facing marketers today:

  • Connecting to and aggregating data sources that continuously change in number of vendors and priority, without rebuilding systems
  • Understanding changes in customer needs and campaign performance through data that’s updated in minutes and hours, not days and weeks
  • Get a full picture of your marketing data: Owned, Earned, and Paid, and how they are impacting your business

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On-demand webinars

Title Length
Tableau on Tableau: Marketing Analytics
Marketers deal with data every day and in every channel. Need to segment leads by job title for a paid social campaign? We’ve got data for that. Curious about how much revenue was attributed to...
28 min
Self-Service Marketing Analytics at Strava: Small Team, Big Results
At Strava, whose mission is to connect athletes with what motivates them, data is critical to understanding and supporting their customers. To help grow and retain their athletes, Strava’s...
25 min