Equal Measures 2030

Using data to illustrate the gender equity gap—and advocate for closing it.

Nearly 40% of the world’s girls and women live in countries that are failing on gender equity. Equal Measures 2030 wants to see that change by the end of the next decade.

Partnership start date: 2019

Total funding committed: $93,810

Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Gender Equality (5)
  • Reduced Inequalities (10)

Region: Global

Website: https://www.equalmeasures2030.org

What they do
Equal Measures 2030 holds every country accountable to achieving gender equity—one of the Sustainable Development Goals—by the year 2030. EM2030 is translating the data it collects on current gender inequities into action by publicizing it and sharing it with other organizations working toward equity.

What our partnership does
For data to be truly actionable, it has to be understandable. Tableau Foundation worked with Equal Measures 2030 to develop a dashboard where advocates—and the public—can easily view where countries currently stand on achieving gender equity and the rest of the SDGs. And EM2030 is helping other nonprofits advocating for women and girls integrate data into their work.