Admin Tools


Automate your Tableau Server installation with silent server installation parameters or migrate content from one server to another with TabMigrate.

Platform Management & Monitoring

Monitor and analyze Tableau Server performance, content usage, and investigate errors with TabMon, Logshark, and Log Viewer.

Load Testing & Scalability

Conduct load testing with TabJolt on your environment, data, workload, and usage mix to determine server scalability needs.

Platform Automation

Using Tableau Server's REST API or command line utilities, tabcmd and tabadmin, you can programmatically create custom Tableau Server workflows.

Content Management

Capture performance metrics for specific user actions and analyze the relationships between data sources, workbooks, and worksheets on your Tableau Server with Scout and Auditor.

Data Management

With Tableau Server's Web Data Connector and the Extract API, create custom extracts from virtually any source of data.

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