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Tableau is the New Norm: A Journey From Coding to Self-Serve Visualisation

Business Intelligence and Insights projects are often times cumbersome, and can cause fear in the most experienced data experts. Organisations face a number of different obstacles when reviewing tools, capabilities, and ability to execute.

Join us for this 1 hour webinar where you'll hear from Fiona Gordon - thought leader, insight evangelist, and an up and coming Tableau leader who will discuss her journey building a POC through to a 40 core High Availability Server environment.

We’ll explore the lessons learned, the insights gained and the experiences and education to navigate the complexities that organisations face, and how the simplicity of Tableau’s offering enables everyone to execute with ease, while having fun along the way!

About Fiona:

Fiona Gordon is not your average data geek. With over 15 years’ data industry experience, she is leading the way for women in the field as a trainer, a thought leader, insight evangelist, and an up and coming Tableau leader. Through her tenacious passion and enthusiasm as a mentor, she’s driving new standards with data analytics; most recently with an enterprise deployment of Tableau. With a history in business intelligence and analysis, she manages a team of technical and analytical professionals to provide the framework, data architecture and information for the Retail Sales team. She continues to empower people to leverage the existing infrastructure for fast, iterative insights to address business challenges.

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