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Data Analytics: Giving HHS Agencies the Tools to Improve Service and Accountability

Providing outstanding care to the most vulnerable and at risk populations in a cost effective manner is the goal for most health and human services (HHS) agencies. The availability of data is increasing exponentially; the ability to analyze and apply lessons from the data to improve service is still a challenge. In a 2015 survey of state and local HHS organizations by e.Republic, nearly three quarters of the respondents indicated they are using subpar technologies to analyze critical data about our nation's health and human service needs. On the heels of legislative directives like the Affordable Care Act, many HHS organizations are recognizing a need to empower their leaders and knowledge workers who are closest to the data with self-service analytical tools.

Please join Governing for a timely webinar detailing the benefits of deploying agile analytical technology to drive decision making. The e.Republic team will share the recent survey results and recommendations for how agency staff can best use technology for data-driven results. Hear firsthand how the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration is successfully deploying agile analytical technology. The expert speakers will describe their experience with and recommendations for upgraded systems that when implemented will:

  • Identify limitations on current analytical reporting platforms
  • Learn the benefits of data visualization to align healthcare and human services data
  • Enable agency staff and decision makers to see and understand the data and take action
  • Improve care and agency accountability and transparency to its citizens.

About the speakers


Bryan Cook

Business Intelligence Analyst, Florida AHCA

Bryan Cook is a Business Intelligence Analyst for the Agency for Health Care Administration in Tallahassee, Florida. He works as part of the Agency’s Business Intelligence Competency Center, acting as a resource to enable self-service data-driven decision making throughout the Agency. He holds a Master of Science in Political Science from Florida State University and is a Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate.


Joe Morris

Director of Market Intelligence, e.Republic

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