Explore the 2024 Iron Viz Entries

Explore the 196 impressive visualizations submitted during the 2024 Iron Viz global qualifier contest. The 2024 theme was to visualize data on a topic that you love.

Are you ready to be blown away by the 196 impressive visualizations submitted during the 2024 Iron Viz global qualifier contest? This year’s theme was love.

From health and well-being, musical groups, hobbies, friends, and family—we challenged the DataFam to viz what makes their hearts full.

Over the next few weeks, a committee of Tableau Community judges will review the submissions and score them according to the following criteria:

  • Design: How appropriate is the design for the story being told?
  • Storytelling: Is there a clear story being told or a question being explored, and is there appropriate context?
  • Analysis: How sophisticated and appropriate is the data that is being used for the story?

While we wait for the judges to review all the entries, register for the 2024 Iron Viz Qualifier Results Virtual Event happening on January 17, 2024. Iron Viz hosts Andy Cotgreave and Archana Ganeshalingam will recognize the top ten entries, and announce the three finalists advancing to the Iron Viz Championship at Tableau Conference next year. Big stakes are on the line as our finalists will compete for a chance to win up to $15,000! For more information on prizes, please visit the contest page.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking the Iron Viz challenge is no easy feat. We’re so proud of each and every member of the community who took the time and energy to enter. To show your support, be sure to favorite their vizzes below and follow them on Tableau Public.


Human Feelings

Gloria Carrasquillo

Survivor Winners

Hannah Warren

Not Just For Kids

Will Perkins

Love to XC Ski

Emily Buzzell

Omori Emotions Dashboard

Louis Kontaras

A love Down Under

Alex Taylor-Jackson

The Global Human Day

Lane Trisko

NBA Schedule 23-24 Season

Samuel Edwards

The Fellowship

Brian Moore

My Crochet Diary

Sherry (Peiyun) Shen

Finding Love for my dad

Chang Candice che

The Golden Set

CJ Mayes

The Best of Taylor Swift

Audrey Goodwin

My Melodies

Charly Estrada

NFL Team Comparison Dashboard

Chira Abdullgafoor

Radiation Vibe

David Kelly

Things I love about my cat

Anne-Sophie Pereira De Sa

Guitar Chords

Lynne English

Make10 Universe F

Kimiko Nakano

Music To Viz To

Ben Nemceff

Squirrel Sighting

Jessica Bosch

I <3 NY Food & Parks

Rebecca Passman

Coffee, anyone?

Auria Morrow

Travel Roulette

Trish Keane

Paris Bike Lovers

Marion Joubert

The Pursuit of Happiness

Laura Vrinceanu

Save The Elephants

Daniel Bradley

Appreciation of Art Music

Kristiadi Uisan

Messi's World Cup

Ben Norland

Hours To Insights

Jason Yang

Love in Motion

Josh Samarista Samarista

Love Story

Neil Richards

Refik Anadol

Nathalie Richer

What is (not) love?

Patricia Gogova

Geet Ramayan

Swapna Lonkar

The Key To My Heart

Stephen Detzel

Ball of Dreams

Daniela Blšáková

Why Indians Love Gold?

Solomon Thirumurugan

It's a Bug World

Fernanda Zambonini

2023 Grand Slams

Kim Tricker

Love for Marvel Movies

Akshay Khapare

Language Learning Journey

Joseph Zongolowicz

& Juliet

Jason Knudson

Popular Dog Breeds!

Anjushree Shankar

Collecting Sharon Spiak

Virginia Moench

My Infant's Sleep Habits

Jessie Tompkins

Is Love Blind?

Elaine Yuan

Books | IronViz 2023

Jack Hutchinson

The Tate Collection

Islande Derazin

Do I love myself enough?

Anindita Mitra

Willboard Hot 20

Will Heikes

Life Cycle of Swan

Ayami Fujinaga

Scary Dreams World and USA

Aliaksandr Piakarski

My Ulta Addiction

Emily Kund

"Do women even play rugby?"

Annabel Sergeant

My Journey To Love

Leah Warner-Tedaldi

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Robert Radburn

When Two Loves Collide

Shazeera Zawawi

Highs and Lows of UK Museums

Yui Hang (Harris) Wong

Puppy Love

Monika Zoltany

The man who changed NBA

Vipluv Chaudhary

Love within Language

Katya Garcia-Israel

Love in 129 languages

Raisa Hannus

Love Across the Eras

Emily De Padua

My Musical Love Story

Briana Dalce

An ode to Chilean wine

Diego Parker

My Reading Journey

Matt Huff


Zainab Ayodimeji

Pets Love

Hanyu Liu

A Love Letter to Humanity

Michael Dunphy

My Yoga Journey

Reshma Jayaram

Biking-From Hobby To Wellness

Sherzodbek Ibragimov


Priya Raghuveer

Young's Brush

Young Song

The one we all love T1 fake

Sing Hoi Cheung

Flock Around, Find Out

Magdalin Barnes

Hart of Dixie

Jessica Moon

Love of Game

Surya Prakash Vairavan

Love In Literature

Wesley Verceles Carr

The Power of Sleep Health

Daniella Tejeira

History in the Making

Prachi Deshmukh Chaudhari

The Biryani Chronicles

Oishiq Nandy

Netflix Dashboard

Anam Patel

Our Love of Libraries

Jacob Atkinson

Mashed Potato Love

Shannon Bennett

Way of the wikihole

Ilija Stojic


Raul Garcia