What is Tableau Public’s Viz of the Day?

Learn all about Viz of the Day—a daily dose of inspiration that sparks meaningful data conversations, showcases what’s possible in Tableau, and elevates data visualizations from the Tableau Community.

Tableau Public is a free online visual analytics platform that allows you to learn and practice data skills, create and explore data visualizations, discover data stories, and create your own portfolio of work to share with your network. In short, it's where the DataFam comes together to collaborate online with interactive data visualizations. Most weekdays, the Tableau Public team selects one of the millions of data visualizations published on Tableau Public to feature as our "Viz of the Day".

Tableau Public’s Viz of the Day highlights data visualizations created by members of the Tableau Community. It’s designed to spark meaningful data conversations, showcase what’s possible in Tableau, and elevate the informational and inspirational data visualizations from our community of authors all over the world. It also gives data enthusiasts around the globe the opportunity to:

  • Grow—Explore new chart types, design styles, or visualization methods. Many Tableau Public workbooks can even be downloaded to “peek under the hood” and see how they were built.
  • Connect—Find and connect with rising talent and established data rockstars.
  • Be inspired—Thousands of people around the globe see Viz of the Day and are inspired by what other authors are creating.

Viz of the Day

Check the Viz of the Day gallery to explore all the featured data vizzes.

How is Viz of the Day selected?

The Tableau Public team along with a small, quarterly rotating group of Tableau Public Ambassadors select data visualizations that are representative of what the community is creating on Tableau Public. We receive thousands of nominations each month from the Community through the nomination feature, which allows anyone to nominate a viz by clicking the "nominate" icon in the upper right-hand corner of a viz published on Tableau Public.

Nominate a Viz of the Day

What will give me the best chance of being nominated for Viz of the Day?

Tableau Visionary and Tableau Public Ambassador—Kevin Flerlage—shares some insights on his blog, describing what he looked for when he was part of the cohort that helps to select Viz of the Day. Pro tip: If you’re trying to figure out how to make the short list for Viz of the Day, Kevin’s blog post is a great place to start.

Another great resource is David Murphy’s blog post where he analyzes the things that visualizations selected as Viz of the Day have in common among other details about the program.

How to engage with Viz of the Day?

  • Subscribe - Sign up for the Viz of the Day email to have each new featured viz delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Explore - Be on the look out for #VizOfTheDay on Twitter and in the gallery page on Tableau Public. Help us celebrate and elevate the astounding data visualizations featured every week by favoriting or following the viz authors.
  • Nominate - See a viz you love and want to celebrate it in the Tableau Public community? Nominate it by simply clicking the “Nominate for Viz of the Day” ribbon icon in the upper right corner of any viz on Tableau Public.

Check out this data visualization about Viz of the Day by Will Sutton to see the more than 2,000 vizzes that have been featured throughout the years. A Viz of the Day Viz about Viz of the Day? Yes!

Viz of the Day

Tableau Public Viz of the Day by Will Sutton 

If you are signed into your free Tableau Public account, you can save your favorites by clicking the star icon at the right top corner of any viz published to Tableau Public. If you haven't signed up for a free account yet, the Tableau Public Beginner's Guide has step-by-step instructions to help get you started and optimize your experience.

What does Viz of the Day mean for the community?


Emily De Padua

Emily De Padua, New Jersey, United States

“My smile was so big when I opened the daily Viz of the Day email and saw my own viz. With so many great works published daily (dare I say, hourly!) on Tableau Public, I cherished that it was quite an honor to get this recognition. My favorite part was the cheers from the DataFam for reaching my first Viz of the Day milestone—it was beyond heartwarming." 

Kevin Wee

Kevin Wee, Chicago, Illinois, United States

“To me, Viz of the Day is a huge source of inspiration for data viz arts, works, and practices. It shows us what can be possibly made using Tableau, not just for business analytics, but also for data visualization as a method of expression.”

Zainab Ayodimeji

Zainab Ayodimeji, London, United Kingdom

"Viz of the Day means two things to me. First, it is a great avenue to be stunned by incredible visuals and see the endless possibilities of what could be created with tableau. Secondly, the visibility and recognition from getting Viz of the Day is a fantastic way to showcase viz creators and their work."


Whether you’re looking to build a data visualization portfolio, connect with hiring managers, sharpen your data analytics skills, or even just browse the largest online repository of data vizzes, Tableau Public and Viz of the Day are designed to help you on your data journey. Learn how to grow and refine your data skills with Tableau Public.