Introducing a faster, easier way to embed Tableau into products, applications, and portals

Leverage the Tableau Embedding API v3 to accelerate development and elevate customer experiences.

Integration is on the business agenda, and for good reason. A study by Mulesoft this year found that organizations risk losing an average of $7 million if they don’t complete their digital transformation initiatives, and it cites lack of integration across disparate apps and systems as problem number one. The solution lies with the use of reusable building blocks, like APIs, that make it easier to connect the dots. 

Introducing Tableau Embedding API v3, our revamped developer tool for embedding Tableau visualizations and some of our most popular features into any application or web page. Previously known as JavaScript API v2, this release isn’t just a new name: It’s the next evolution, re-engineered from the ground up to support modular development, add new functionality, and make development faster and easier. Embedding analytics into web applications puts end users that much closer to their data, business context, and customers.

It’s one more way Tableau helps businesses deliver insights to everyone where they need it—within the context of their work.

Image of a dashboard embedded in a fictitious company's environment

Developers around the world trust JavaScript API v2 to embed visualizations into their products and business applications. Embedding API v3 levels up development with: 

  • Efficiencies through the use of web components for initialization, so you can add Tableau analytics to your web pages and trust that they will behave the same across modern browsers
  • Faster time to market with low-code development that takes only two lines of code to embed an interactive Tableau visualization—four for the authoring experience

Image of lines of code for embedding a viz

  • Faster load times and a better customer experience with faster Bootstrap and consistent initialization events 
  • Availability via a globally-distributed content delivery network (CDN) for more nimble development

Fresh experiences, robust capabilities

The Embedding API v3 powers fresh experiences for end-users who use your products, web applications, and portals. Here are a few Tableau features you can embed with the new API today:

Image of visualization embedded in a portal for fictitious company, Welo

Image of a user choosing the "Update my team" option from a drop-down menu

In the coming months, we’ll add support for more Tableau features to make the Embedding API v3 more robust, including pagination for data access and support for Ask Data. Want to be first to know? Join the Tableau developer program and get notifications of future developer previews. 

Image of a Tweet from Andre de Vries (@andre347_) that says "Today I moved one of our internal #Tableau embedded analytics tools to v3 of the API and implemented connected apps. This change saves us about $30 on our monthly AWS bill"

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Get started today

Check out the Embedding API v3 documentation for more details, tutorials, and sample code.