Find Trusted Data at the Right Time with Tableau Catalog

Learn how the latest features in Tableau Catalog help you to find trusted data at the right time, so you can consume data with confidence.

The increase in data volume and formats over the years has led to complex environments where it can be difficult to track and access the right data. Data discovery and trust have been core principles of Tableau Catalog since its very inception. Learn about the latest features to help users find trusted data at the right time, so they can consume the data with confidence. 

Data Quality Warnings (DQW) in Web Authoring experience

A core value and key differentiator of the Tableau Catalog is to help users trust the data that they’re viewing or working with. To achieve this, users need to see curated metadata in the context of what they are doing in Tableau. DQWs will now display for connected data sources in the web authoring experience. This feature will ensure users trust the data that they are working with to answer one-off questions or build new dashboards.

Data Quality Warning notifies user that a data source will be depricated


Column DQWs display in lineage and data details

You can now view column-level DQWs where you make decisions about data. For Data Analysts using visualizations to make decisions, we have introduced column DQWs to the data details pane. We have also simplified how DQWs are displayed when viewing lineage in Tableau Catalog.  Data Analysts and Stewards using lineage for impact analysis (or to discover data) are now presented with a summary of what warnings are applied to the asset including upstream column warnings to help them make informed decisions.

Notification showing five data quality warnings in a database named "Airline Flights"

Mixed-content search in Connect-To

The Connect-To dialog in Desktop and Web Authoring now mixes content into one list and offers additional filtering options to make finding data easier. The Connect to Data dialog first displays a list of mixed content that’s popular. Search results can be filtered by type of data, certification status, or other filters that depend on the type of data selected.  For example, some types of data may allow you to filter based on tags, connection type, data quality warnings, or other criteria.

Connect-to dialog box in Tableau showing user filtering data type

Catalog Feature Previews

While the above features are available only to users of Catalog, all Tableau Cloud customers are now exposed to an overview of Catalog capabilities through an in-product preview that provides a glimpse into the product’s data discovery, data governance, and collaboration features. The preview is a great way for Tableau Cloud customers to see the potential benefits of Catalog and explore how it can help them better manage and govern their data.

It is worth noting that while the in-product preview offers a useful introduction, it does not provide any of the capabilities available in the full version of Tableau Catalog. Users who are interested in the more advanced data management and governance features should consider upgrading to Tableau Data Management to take advantage of the full range of capabilities.