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Tableau Server 2022.1

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Resolved Issues

Problem-id Beskrivning

The relative date filter would sometimes not localize correctly.


Row divider borders would sometimes render differently than expected.


After publishing a viz to Tableau Server, row labels in table calculations would sometimes not display correctly.

All outstanding identified Log4j files have been updated to version 2.17.1


On-Prem Data Management customers using Traditional FNO licensing would not have Virtual Connections in its Catalog lineage


End users with the correct permissions would sometimes be unable to see workbook views after the permissions were applied.


A blank page would show when trying to show/change frequency of "Active Directory Synchronization" on the Server settings page.


If the end changed versions from Tableau Server 2021.4 to Tableau server 2022.1 and then downgraded again, any Virtual Connections that was created or existed in 2022.1 would no longer work due to permission issues.


With the ATR activation method, the activation service could result in excessive logging at the "info" level.


After publishing a workbook, a line could appear in a crosstab, which was not present in the rendering in Tableau Desktop.


An intermittent error could occur when accessing a visualization that is connected to a published data source, "No Tableau Server user found. DataServiceFailure."

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Ons, 30 Mars, 2022