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Tableau Foundation’s Data Equity Hub shares insights from leading experts at the intersection of data and equity issues, and inspires anyone to effectively and ethically use data to advocate for change.

Learn more from our partners and team about Data Equity and the role of data in promoting a more just and equitable world.

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Social impact is more than just a grant. It is a chance for everyone to learn and share different ideas about creating real change in our world. That's why we bring all that we have to give--software, people, partners--to the table, and scale successful projects far and wide.

In this video, our nonprofit partners describe how data and the support of the Tableau Foundation have transformed their work and their impact.

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Explore our Living Annual Report

The Tableau Foundation team sees itself as stewards of the company’s efforts to help people everywhere see, understand, and do great things with data.

Our Living Annual Report shows the work we’ve done so far and shares what we’ve learned along the way. As the work grows and changes, this report will change with it.

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The Impact Exchange is the next evolution of Salesforce’s Pro Bono Program

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