Redefining the role of IT in a modern BI world

As organizations begin the transition from a traditional top-down approach driven by IT to a modern, self-service approach, the past decisions supporting the core foundational components of a BI program—people, process, and platform—must be revisited to deliver on the transformational promise of modern analytics.

With its inception decades ago, the primary objective of business intelligence has been the creation of a top-down single source of truth from which organizations would centrally track KPIs and performance metrics with static reports and dashboards. The emergence of self-service BI challenged the status quo, and initially, most IT departments were slow to embrace the self-service trend.

Today, IT finds itself at a crossroad with self-service BI as the new normal that can no longer be ignored. The traditional approach to BI is becoming less and less relevant as the business demands the agility that comes with self-service to drive adoption and improve business outcomes. In fact, in the midst of our era of digital transformation, many businesses are modernizing and increasing analytics investments to innovate and accelerate change.

Everyone agrees that putting data at the center of conversations promises change—even organization-wide transformation. However, most organizations are failing to successfully implement an enterprise-wide analytics program. IT is well positioned for a leadership role in these efforts, and is essential for the task of giving people the relevant data they need for decision-making.

This requires a new framework and overall strategy—including a new role for IT as strategic partners and enablers to the business. Download the whitepaper to learn more about:

  • The impact on IT of a shifting BI landscape from traditional reporting to modern analytics
  • The value of placing people and collaboration at the center of BI modernization
  • How governance enables, rather than restricts, self-service analytics success
  • How the right technology platform can help drive analytics adoption and drive change
  • Additional resources for evaluating, deploying, and scaling your modern BI platform

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