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About MIP (Aust) Pty Ltd


MIP is a data company. MIP has been a data company for 29 years and the talented team have delivered Business Analytics solutions to customers across Australia.

MIP allows their clients to
- CONNECT to their data
- VISUALISE their data
- ANALYSE their data
- PREDICT their data
- PERSIST their data

MIP's vision talks to partnership. We have two ways of realising our partnerships.

Firstly, we work in partnership with our clients to understand how data can be used to improve their business. We use that understanding to deliver amazing outcomes that transform our clients' business operations and we help them exploit their data to provide better services, products and engagements to their customers.

MIP also works in partnership with the leading vendors in the Business Analytics marketplace. MIP provides the technology, consulting services, training and support for these award winning technologies:

MIP has been awarded 'Partner of the Year' for 5 consecutive years and is a Gold Partner
MIP has been award 'Emerging Partner of the Year' and 'Partner of the Year' for 4 consecutive years and is the Premier Partner in the ANZ region
MIP has been recognised as 'Partner of the Year' for 5 consecutive years and is the Platinum Partner in the region
MIP is the exclusive distributor for Alation in Australia and New Zealand.

How MIP Australia delivers business outcomes:

* Big Data *
* Data strategy and management advice *
* Data visualisation and discovery *
* Data blending and advanced analytics *
* Business intelligence *
* Data warehousing *
* Product and technology installations *
* Education and training *
* Support services *