Tableau for IT

Whether you’re evaluating, using, or deploying and scaling Tableau analytics, you’ve come to the right place.


Every company is a data company, which means IT has an important role in helping to get all hands on trusted data.

Governed data and analytics at scale

Self-service data preparation and data management doesn’t mean compromising governance. Our unique, visual approach empowers end users with secure, trusted data throughout the analytics lifecycle.

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Your modern data architecture

Choice is a Tableau philosophy—our analytics platform fits, rather than dictates, your technology stack and data strategy.

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Building a data-driven organization

Combining our expertise with best practices from thousands of customers, Tableau Blueprint is a proven methodology for helping your organization to be data-driven at scale.

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What’s next for your Tableau deployment?

Find resources to evaluate modern analytics, deploy and scale BI across the enterprise, or use Tableau for your IT analytics.

Considering modern BI?

Self-service analytics transforms the way IT empowers business resilience and change with data. Learn important considerations for evaluating and migrating your BI platform.

  • Define your modern analytics evaluation criteria.
  • Assess your organization's BI and cloud maturity.
  • Plan your migration and modernization efforts.
  • Measure and boost your analytics program ROI.
  • Find out why IT chooses Tableau for the enterprise.

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Deploying or scaling Tableau?

We’ve got plenty of resources to help you deploy, scale, and support modern analytics with confidence. Stay up to date on the latest features and releases from Tableau.

  • Deploy, monitor, and upgrade the Tableau platform.
  • Embed Tableau in applications and custom portals.
  • Access administrative guides and developer tools.
  • Define governance to ensure responsible usage.
  • Scale analytics adoption with Tableau Blueprint.

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Using Tableau for IT analytics?

IT knows the value and potential of data more than anyone. Use Tableau analytics to get a complete picture of your business, across all the environments that IT manages for the organization.

  • Centralize disparate, organizational data sources.
  • Monitor hardware and software utilization.
  • Track tickets with integrated, interactive views.
  • Visualize your IT applications and programs.
  • Optimize your cloud spend with pre-built solutions.

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ヤフー株式会社、Hadoop からのデータ読込時間が半日から数分へ セルフサービス分析で部門の意思決定を支援、高速化を実現


NTTデータ、グループ全体にセルフサービス分析環境構築 事業環境に沿う分析が可能に


Red Hat 社は、Tableau Online および Tableau Blueprint を活用して、エンタープライズ分析の導入規模を拡大

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Choose from a library of on-demand sessions with best practices from Tableau experts, customers, and partners—from deploying enterprise analytics to implementing governance and data management.

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