White paper

Visual Scoring - the 360° View

Wade Tibke,Senior Marketing Manager, Tableau Software,
Elissa Fink, VP Marketing - Tableau Software,

Lead scoring can be a fast and easy way to help you and your salespeople prioritize and value every lead. Traditional scoring approaches can be underutilized by the sales organization who lacks the understanding of how behavior is scored and doesn't understand the history of the lead. Taking a visual lead scoring approach can elevate the shortfalls of traditional lead scoring and make this resource more accessible to both sales and marketing groups.

A successful visual scoring program will offer:

  • A complete view: easily recognize your most active leads and contacts
  • User friendly: accessible browser based analysis
  • Effective: easily highlight the most relevant people
  • Actionable: much more than a static dashboard or list of scored contacts

Read this whitepaper and learn how to employ visual scoring to easily enable both the sales and marketing groups to get a 360° view of every prospect and customer.

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About the authors

Wade Tibke,Senior Marketing Manager, Tableau Software

Elissa Fink, VP Marketing - Tableau Software