Viz Gallery

A selection of vizzes from the Tableau Public gallery

Food Deserts

by Corey Jones

Disparities in Tech

by Ivett Kovacs and Korompai Istvan

Political Universe

by Mike Cisneros

Medi Gap

by Lindsay Betzendahl

Fruit Consumption

by Leigh Fonseca

Flight Delays

by Sue Grist


by Klaus Schulte

Boeing Market Outlook

by The Boeing Company


by Nai Louza

Michael Jordan

by Jeff Platner

MLB Demographics

by Dilyana Bossenz

Super Bowl

by Ann Jackson

How Peaceful

by Valerie Mais

Rat Sightings

by Claire Kim


by Ludovic Tavernier

World Cup History

by Ken Flerlage

Garbage in the Ocean

by Kasia Gasiewska-Holc

Purple Reign

by Shawn Levin

Um and Er

by Lilach Manheim

Rise of Boris Becker

by Klaus Schulte & Ludovic Tavernier