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Avoid repetitive work and develop data thinking: Tableau helps COFCO Coca-Cola unlock data potential

Tableau has powerful compatibility that helps companies achieve full-chain data analysis and sharing, allowing for transformation from point analysis to area analysis.

Tableau is so easy to use that employees can get started quickly, improve their data analysis capabilities and gain insight into the business logic behind data.

Tableau's powerful data processing can automatically integrate data, generate data analysis reports and visualize analysis results to boost business.

COFCO Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COFCO Coca-Cola), a dedicated beverage company of COFCO Group, is the only Coca-Cola bottling group controlled by Chinese investors in China. The company is a joint venture established by two Fortune 500 companies, COFCO and Coca-Cola. It is among the top five global bottling partners of Coca-Cola and among the top ten global bottling groups. The company currently has 19 bottling plants operating in 19 provinces and cities across the country, which provide consumers with 20 brands of products covering 10 categories, including soda, juice, water, milk beverages, etc.

To address the vast amounts of data brought in by high sales from multiple channels and wide markets, COFCO Coca-Cola introduced and deployed Tableau to build a unified big data platform within the company to help employees use data more efficiently and make the most of data with the power of analysis.

Tableau improves the data application model by building a data platform and enabling internal and external interactions


"According to Jin Xiaojun, General Manager of Information at COFCO Coca-Cola, ""We receive more than 100,000 orders every day.
This generates a huge amount of data."" As a company dealing in a full range of beverages with sales channels all over the country, COFCO Coca-Cola has to deal with a huge amount of data from different internal and external platforms every day. COFCO Coca-Cola then realized that they needed to build a powerful data platform to quickly integrate big data so that each department could quickly obtain the data they need, analyze data and make decisions based on the results from the analysis."

After evaluating a number of major BI platforms through months of market research, COFCO Coca-Cola found that Tableau's data processing capabilities and strong compatibility highly aligned with the company's expectations for a big data platform. After building a big data platform with Tableau, COFCO Coca-Cola achieved data integration with SALIENT, MARGIN MINDER, SAP ERP, CRM, ODS and other systems. They could carry out data analysis and sharing of the full chain of procurement, production, logistics and sales, as well as the transformation from point analysis to area analysis.

In addition to powerful dynamic interaction and data analysis capabilities, Tableau provides easy operation that allows the employees at COFCO Coca-Cola to get started with Tableau quickly and improve their productivity when working with data during their daily work. Mr. Jin Xiaojun said: "Tableau really helps us a lot. After experiencing the benefits of Tableau, the company will continue to further develop our big data business on the Tableau platform.

The true power of digital transformation comes from the ability of information to create value. For this reason, in order to remain competitive in the digital economy era, we have to make the most of data analysis and tap into the power of data. COFCO Coca-Cola is also willing to continue to advance the application and popularization of Tableau so that the power of data can be fully unlocked and utilized in the fast moving consumer goods industry.

Tableau is helping people develop the habit of using data to improve productivity


Before building a big data platform, due to a huge amount of data to process and dispersed data sources, COFCO Coca-Cola used to struggle with expensive and time-consuming underlying data organization that required huge effort and time when integrating data. By using the data platform built with ETL tools, you can now integrate the back-end data from the information system. The integrated data goes to the front-end reporting system Tableau after systematical processing and generates logically consistent analysis reports. Analysts can simply share the reports generated by Tableau with business personnel across departments by uploading them to the server.

In their daily work, the business personnel need to stay on top of business information in a timely and accurate manner. However, traditional reports cannot meet their high demand for data because of lack of data interactivity. Tableau is a user-friendly tool that provides data visualization. It helps the business develop data analysis capabilities and improve its productivity. After the analyst uploads Tableau reports, the business manager can view the reports under his/her permission through the BI platform, analyze the reports based on relevant business facts and make business decisions immediately. With Tableau, employees can also analyze the data from different departments on their own, reducing the time spent on making reports and avoiding repetitive work.

Ma Yan, System Integration Manager at COFCO Coca-Cola, said: "After the big data platform was built up, with extensive adoption of Tableau in analysis areas, we found that easy access to data has improved our efficiency in data analysis, and we have seen substantial a substantial improvement in the business proficiency of our employees due to saved time." Tableau has created a great data analysis environment for COFCO Coca-Cola. The adoption of the big data platform started from an experiment with a single department and from there moved to more departments to eventually reach the entire company, engaging more employees in data analysis.

Tableau taps into the potential of data and uses it as cornerstone for boosting future development


The introduction of Tableau also allowed COFCO Coca-Cola to develop a unified data standard. According to Lin Jie, Sales Information Manager at COFCO Coca-Cola, “COFCO Coca-Cola is a leader in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. Our sales department has to do complicated analysis, which is easily influenced by various factors. Tableau's exploratory analysis function greatly enhances the users' analysis capabilities and helps employees discover the business logic behind data."

Take the sales department as an example. Currently, Tableau is mainly used for daily analysis work in the sales department. Tableau provides comprehensive data analysis capabilities. It can quickly provide conclusions from analysis. As a user-friendly tool, Tableau helps employees improve their efficiency in flexible analysis, allowing them to focus their time and effort on developing their own professional services instead of purely carrying out processing work. In addition, because a unified data standard and logic for data use have been developed, the employees can carry out data-based analysis following the same standard, thus allowing for more seamless communication and understanding. Strategies derived from the same logic are also easier to be accepted across the company.

According to Mr. Lin Jie, there are two main directions for the application of data analysis: intelligent analysis and precise guidance. As the data collection methods become more and more automatic, analysis also becomes more and more intelligent. For example, intelligent forewarning can be applied in sales management; meanwhile, employees no longer need to track and find customer relationships bit by bit through reports. Instead, they can use data tools like Tableau for tracking, which will automatically figure out key groups and visualize them in reports. In the future, enterprises' demand for data analysis will rise dramatically. Only by making the most of the value created by big data can you discover substantial market opportunities.

COFCO Coca-Cola believes that the true power of digital transformation comes from the ability of information to create value. For this reason, in order to remain competitive in the digital economy era, we have to make the most of data analysis and tap into the power of data. COFCO Coca-Cola is also willing to continue to advance the application and popularization of Tableau so that the power of data can be fully unlocked and utilized in the fast moving consumer goods industry.

With digital transformation, COFCO Coca-Cola has completed big data integration at the technical architecture level and built a robust data cornerstone. At the business application level, it has developed B2C channel layouts such as live commerce and community marketing. As a large number of new models and a large amount of new data have been built up, ordinary employees at all levels from different sites have increasingly experienced Tableau's powerful self-service analysis capabilities and have been using it to quickly unlock the value of data for their department.

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