Emtek Group

Emtek conquers an evolving media landscape with synergy of insights across 30+ companies

Integrated traditional & new media with data synergy

30+ subsidiaries sharing a single source of truth

Increased speed to insight from days to minutes

Emtek Group is Indonesia’s most prominent media group, with more than 30 subsidiaries providing solutions and services ranging across the media, content and digital space. Emtek provides consumers with a comprehensive suite of services and experiences such as TV, digital media and content, e-commerce and payments. This all-encompassing media ecosystem creates opportunities for advertisers to influence their target groups at different touchpoints along the consumer journey.

To help Emtek realise the true potential of this ecosystem, GM Business Development Edward Mulianto introduced Tableau to create a single source of truth shared across the Group of 10,000 employees. He shares that Tableau has changed the game, creating a data-driven culture of sharing insights at both Group and subsidiary levels.

With over 30 subsidiaries, Emtek’s main problem was simply too much information. Tableau created a single source of truth by integrating data across all subsidiaries, helping them maximise the true value of their data.

Boosting performance with a single source of truth

Across the Group, data was managed in many different ways by different people. With no standardised system, resources or end-to-end system integration, business users worked with unclean, scattered and unreliable data.

“Senior management at the Group and subsidiary level faced a blizzard of monthly, quarterly and annual reports,” recalls Edward. “The effect was that reports were simply being ignored. Instead, whenever anyone needed insights, they relied on data analysts to prepare reports, which took two to three days.”

With the help of their IT partner VISIDATA, Emtek Group introduced Tableau across its subsidiaries, creating a single source of truth with their data. With the ability to combine and integrate different data sources within Tableau, Emtek's top management can drill down to view data from various subsidiaries at different levels of granularity.

In addition, Tableau has also helped boost Emtek's performance across the Group. One of the biggest challenges in a conglomerate group is tracking performance and ensuring transparency. Tableau has enabled true visibility and become a trusted source of performance data for the top management. Subsidiaries also get motivated to hit their KPIs and improve performance, helping the Group's business to grow.

Emtek conquers an evolving media landscape with Tableau

Tableau helped us achieve synergy across the Group with greater visibility of different touchpoints along the customer journey. Now one company can make business decisions based on data gathered by another, unlocking insights we could not access before.

Using data collaboratively to become a market leader

Today’s media landscape is going through a fundamental shift, with changing consumer behaviour blurring the lines between digital and traditional media. For instance, Emtek’s SCTV is one of Indonesia’s top free-to-air television channels, with audiences reaching more than 70% of households across Indonesia. Today, however, many viewers are choosing to watch the channel online – despite having a TV.

For Emtek, this crossover was a potential data gold mine, but synergy between companies was essential to realise this value. Since adopting Tableau, Emtek’s subsidiaries have been able to share valuable data, meaning those that could not collect consumer data themselves – such as traditional TV channels – have been able to benefit from their digital counterparts. By analysing data from its online video platform, Vidio.com, Emtek gained a deeper understanding of Indonesian viewers, helping them curate more relevant programmes and strengthen their position as a market leader.

In our online video platform, we can see which titles are watched most. Using data from these titles, we can predict what sort of artistes and content will suit market tastes, and use these insights to plan our original productions.

Predicting what the audience loves with advanced analytics

Beyond monitoring and reporting, the Business Development GM aims to leverage more advanced analytics capabilities such as predictive analytics to create better content for viewers.

"By analysing data from users' content consumption, we can understand and predict which types of content appeal to specific audience segments. These insights are very useful in planning for our content acquisitions and original productions, which is instrumental to our growth."

Today, top stakeholders in almost every subsidiary have access to Tableau, but Emtek’s end goal is to deploy Tableau thoroughly across the whole Group.

“Tableau has fostered a data-conscious and data-driven culture across Emtek Group,” says Edward. “After seeing what Tableau can do, business leaders are now excited about how it could potentially transform their companies.”

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