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For ultimate management and control behind your firewall.

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In the public cloud

For the flexibility and scalability of cloud infrastructure.

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Hosted by Tableau

For the simplicity of a fully hosted solution.

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Which option is right for me?

Install on-premises
  • You prefer an on-premises solution and have the resources to set up and maintain on-premises software
  • You store most of your data on-premises
  • You need to ensure that sensitive information remains behind your firewall
Install on cloud platform
  • You're already using AWS, Azure or GCP for your infrastructure or data
  • You want full control of your software, but don't want to manage hardware
Fully hosted by Tableau
  • You want the simplicity and scalability of a fully hosted solution
  • You need to easily share analytics with people outside of your organisation, like customers and partners
  • You would like to centralise your core platforms in the cloud