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Run and scale visual analytics with Tableau on AWS

Large organisations need to gain insights from their data to understand customer behavior, operational efficiency, and uncover new business opportunities. The sheer volume and diversity of data to be analysed – from mobile clickstreams, social media, cloud warehouses, and other sources - can make this challenging. Tableau on AWS offers a scalable analytics platform that allows users to connect to virtually any data source for interactive analysis.

Watch this webinar to learn how Schibsted Media Group, a global company specialising in online marketplaces and digital media, uses Tableau on AWS to visually analyse data and enable collaboration between a wide range of data users across its organisation. Tableau’s collaborative features and self-service tools help Schibsted shave days off of business intelligence (BI) reporting tasks while leveraging the agility of AWS to accelerate analytic insights at scale.

You will learn:

  • Best practices for deploying Tableau on AWS to scale visual analytics across every team – from business users to data scientists.
  • How to connect Tableau to a variety of AWS storage services.
  • How using AWS CloudFormation to perform blue-green deployments can dramatically reduce downtime for quarterly upgrades to Tableau.

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