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Explain Data: From What to Why

Say hello to Explain Data—a new AI-powered feature that helps you understand the “why” behind the values in your data. It provides potential explanations for unexpected data points with a single click.

Curious to see it in action?

Watch this webinar and see how Explain Data is changing the way in which you interact with data. Join Tableau product experts as they outline the technology behind the newest feature and how significant AI innovations are bringing you closer to your data so that you can get answers faster and make better, more meaningful decisions.

This is part of the Tableau 2019.3: The Future of Analytics is Now webinar series.

About the speakers


Richard Tibbetts

Principal Product Manager, AI, Tableau

Serial and occasionally parallel entrepreneur. Founder of three venture-backed startups: StreamBase, SellerCrowd, and Empirical Systems. Advisor to startups including uFora, Concord.io, Krypton Cloud, and Datawire. As an entrepreneurial technologist, Richard enjoys working from product vision, technological validation, and fundraising, through team creation, product delivery, and market development. Experienced player-coach in evangelical sales of sophisticated technology products into large enterprises, especially in financial services firms.


Ryan McShane

Director, Product Marketing

Ryan McShane leads the platform product marketing team at Tableau, where he is responsible for all product marketing efforts related to Tableau’s offerings. He has also held positions focused on analytics product marketing, community, and new product launches at Tableau. In a previous life he was a management consultant, focused on private equity due diligence. When he is not in the office, you’ll find him exploring the Pacific Northwest with his two young boys, or training for that next triathlon. He holds a BA in Economics from Brown University.

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