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Bentley/Tableau May Webinar - Storytelling with your Data!

You spent hours and hours perfecting dashboards and charts but still we can't get the message across? You wish you could engage your executive team and explain your strategies and results better?

The solution to your problem might be storytelling, because all too often beautiful graphs or raw data alone are not enough to convince our audience. In times of ever increasing amounts of data it becomes more and more important to learn practices of how to use storytelling to gain your audience’s attention and commitment.

Find out how to make your data presentations and reports more interesting, more dynamic and more effective and learn different story plots that support your message. This session will show you how easily and quickly you can build effective stories from the hidden insights locked in your data.

This session is for Tableau Beginners to Intermediate users.

  • Newbie: No previous experience with Tableau
  • Beginners: Getting started with Tableau with >6 months experience
  • Intermediate: Existing solid working experience with Tableau with a deep understanding of all fundamental concepts of building worksheets and dashboards
  • Advanced: Existing advanced working experience with Tableau including ability to explore complex data visualisation challenges and a solid understanding of calculations

Questions? Please contact Andy Moore at Andy.Moore@bentley.co.uk or Sharron Xia at sxia@tableau.com.

About the speakers


David Klein

Solutions Engineer – Tableau | DACH  

David is a Solutions Engineer at Tableau. He studied economics and spatial planning in Germany and Sweden where he worked in data analysis as a consultant across multiple organisations before joining Tableau in 2018.


Sharron Xia

Senior Customer Success Manager – Tableau | UK

Sharron is a Customer Success Manager at Tableau based in our London office. She works with enterprise customers across multiple verticals in helping them accelerate their adoption with Tableau and building a community with a strong data culture foundation.

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