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What's Tableau Desktop?

Before we dive into the content below, let's do quick overview of what Tableau Desktop is. With Tableau Desktop, you can connect to a variety of data sources and start visualising data.

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Classroom training

Prefer to learn in a classroom environment? Our instructor-led in-person and virtual classes will get you ramped up on Tableau quickly. We suggest starting with Desktop I: Fundamentals.

Prep your data

If you're having trouble getting your data into Tableau Desktop, you may need to do some data prep before it's ready for analysis. Use Tableau Prep to combine, clean or shape your data, then output it to Tableau Desktop for analysis. The flexible, visual experience of Tableau Prep gives you a deeper understanding of your data. It makes common yet complex tasks like joins, unions, pivots and aggregations simple and visual. With your Creator licence, you get access to Tableau Prep.

Build a data visualisation

Now that you've connected to data, it’s time to start building a data visualisation (viz for short) in Tableau so you can see your data up close.

Watch: Build a visualisation

Additional reading: Viz-building basics

Learn how the 'Show me' menu can help you.

Refine your visualisation

Hone in on what data is important to you by sorting, grouping and filtering your data visualisation.

Watch: Sorting, grouping, filtering

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Build a map

Getting your location data on a map is easy as dragging and dropping. Learn how to see your geographical data in a map in Tableau with these resources.

Watch: Build a map
Deeper reading: Build and use maps

Combine views into a dashboard

Combine multiple views into a single, interactive dashboard. Include filters, images and webpages in your dashboard for a more complete view of your data.

Watch: Build a dashboard

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Share and collaborate

Don't keep your insights to yourself – share them with your colleagues. Tableau Server and Tableau Online allow you to publish visualisations and dashboards to the web so others can interact with your analytics and answer their own questions of the data.

Sharing and collaborating with Tableau

Join the community of Tableau fans

The community of Tableau users can’t wait to meet you. Network, ask questions, share ideas and hear what’s coming next.

More resources to continue your journey


Instructor-led training

Prefer to learn in a classroom environment? We've got you covered. Three levels of Tableau Desktop courses offered in cities across the world or in virtual classrooms.


Live online training

Join a webinar-style training session with a product expert. Various topics offered each week.


Training videos

Bite-sized training videos on a variety of topics.