Combating Hunger




More than enough food is produced on the planet to feed every person, yet nearly 690 million people go to bed hungry each night. While hunger is a massive issue, we believe that data is essential to improving food access. Tableau Foundation is working to fight global food insecurity by partnering with organizations that use data to improve the food supply chain from farming to delivering food to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

What we do

Food Security

Enable organizations to use data to improve production and yields from smallholder farmers who can deliver food in local communities.

Supply Chains

Help organizations use data to improve food supply chains to help get more food to more people in need.

Up-stream Hunger Prevention

Improve the use of data to identify and solve upstream issues that cause food insecurity, such as poverty, humanitarian crises, and climate change.

Recent Highlights

An inside look: The World Food Programme’s data-driven response to hunger during COVID-19

Learn how WFP, the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize honoree, has accelerate its operations with Tableau to meet growing need.

Tableau powers Feeding America’s digital advocacy for hunger relief

Our partner Feeding America is using data to make the case for expanding access to food stamp benefits during COVID-19.

Data powers Feeding America’s fight against hunger

Feeding America is expanding its focus on data to capture more fine-grain metrics that give a near-real-time picture of hunger in communities and how to respond.

Learn who we work with

In our Living Annual Report, you can see all of our partnerships toward the goal of combating hunger.

Our Living Annual Report shows the work we’ve done so far and shares what we’ve learned along the way. As the work grows and changes, this report will change with it.

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