Virtual Event

Tableau Data Summit

Where data people connect

06 May 2021 · Brasil | 11 May 2021 · LATAM


We believe in the power of data. Data empowers people to make informed decisions. It rallies communities, inspires creativity, and it’s fun! In times of uncertainty and change, we believe that data is an incredibly powerful tool that anyone can use. Moreover, the creativity of data people continues to expand the value of data. And with that creativity, real impact is achieved.

We know you agree. Together, we gather at events—whether online or in-person—to learn, connect, and celebrate the power of data. Our free, virtual event, Tableau Data Summit, is no different. Join your fellow data people from LATAM to learn how to solve problems using data, network and share best practices, explore new features, gain resources to be a data leader, and more.

Watch Tableau Data Summit to hear from our customers, learn more about Tableau, learn about some of our partners, and watch a live virtual Tableau User Group (TUG) session!