Re-viz-it the Tableau Public homepage to discover what’s new

We built this new interface and design to better showcase the visualisations that make Tableau Public unique. Learn more about Tableau Public’s new homepage.

You may have noticed that we’ve brought a new look to Tableau Public. We built this new interface and design to better showcase the visualisations that make Tableau Public unique and create a more uniform and efficient experience for our users. 

As part of the new design, Discover has become the new Tableau Public homepage. This is where you’ll find daily inspiration and the latest in data visualisation content. Build a collection of vizzes that inspire you by adding them to your “Favourites” channel. Explore several topic-specific channels like Viz of the Day (#VOTD), Trending, and Featured Authors – or stay up to date with the latest announcements and feature updates from the Tableau Public team by visiting our new blog page. 

Tableau Public’s new homepage experience.

You’ll see we’ve made improvements to the navigation. With a more intuitive design, you can easily find the information you’re looking for to support you on your data skills journey. 

Check out what’s new under our Resources page, which features our new how-to video tutorials or our new Grow with Google certification programme

Explore Tableau Public’s new resources under the Resources tab.

Feeling empowered and ready to show off your own data skills? Sign up or log in now to get started creating stunning visualisations with the Create tab.

Tableau Public create tab

The Create tab is where you can start web authoring or download Tableau Desktop Edition.

Want to celebrate the work of others in the Tableau Public community? You can give Tableau Public authors kudos by clicking their viz and selecting Nominate for Viz of the Day. Submitted nominations will have a chance of being featured on the Tableau Public homepage. No more form fills – it’s that simple.

Tableau Public: Nominate a viz

Nominate your favorite vizzes for Viz of the Day.

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