New in data management: Incremental refreshing for flows, a Salesforce connector, high-visibility data quality warnings

We are on a mission to bring data management to self-service analytics. In the 2020.2 release, we are thrilled to introduce incremental refreshing for your Tableau Prep flows to save you time and ensure you’re working with the freshest data possible. We’re also excited to help you curate your Salesforce data with our new Salesforce connector for Tableau Prep. Additionally, we’ve made enhancements to Tableau Catalog that will help you quickly detect data quality issues and get even richer insights about your data ecosystem. With each new release, we’re making improvements to our offering that make it easier than ever to curate, govern and discover your data. Read on to learn more!

Incrementally refresh your data

Building and scheduling flows with data management is easy, but you tell us that there is one big challenge facing your organisation. New data is coming in all the time, with new rows sometimes being added every minute of every day. Your organisation wants analytical insights from the freshest data possible, but you’ve told us that this is challenging because you have to run your flow against all the data every single time. This takes time and resources – and as a result, you can’t refresh data as often as you’d like.

We’re excited to announce that refreshing your flows on a more frequent schedule is now easier than ever with incremental refreshing. To set your incremental refresh in Tableau Prep Builder, simply specify the field you’d like to use to detect new rows and the type of incremental refresh that you want to perform. When you’re ready to schedule your flow in Tableau Prep Conductor, specify that you’d like each run to be an incremental refresh and we’ll only process new data. If your flow, for example, is scheduled to run every hour with incremental refreshing enabled on Tableau Prep Conductor, we will now process only the new rows. Incremental refreshing is going to save you time and resources, and allow you to work with the most up-to-date version of your data.

Prepare your Salesforce data for analysis

We’re excited to introduce a Salesforce connector for Tableau Prep! With this new connector, you’ll be able to build and schedule Prep flows that wrangle your Salesforce data. Operationalising insights from your Salesforce data just became so much easier with Tableau Prep, and we’re thrilled to get it into your hands.

High-visibility quality warnings everywhere

Data quality warnings in Tableau Catalog are a great way to keep your users informed. But not all data quality warnings are created equal – they may vary in severity. When there is a severe quality issue, you want it to be the first thing a user sees when they open a viz. Administrators can now choose between two types of data quality warnings depending on the severity of the issue: informational data quality warnings and high-visibility data quality warnings. High-visibility data quality warnings are distinguished by a yellow triangle icon versus the normal blue circle icon associated with informational quality warnings. Additionally, users will see a banner at the top of any worksheet or dashboard that has underlying data with a high-visibility warning. Support for high-visibility data quality warnings will help your users decide whether or not to use the viz for critical decision-making. Ensuring trust and quality within your data ecosystem just got so much easier in Tableau Catalog.

Expanded support for dashboards in data lineage

Lineage in Tableau Catalog gives you the visibility you need for easy data governance and impact analysis. In the 2020.2 release, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added support for dashboards. You will now be able to see impact all the way down to your downstream dashboards. With the addition of dashboards, you will now have a complete view of all assets!

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