Increase Your Productivity with Metrics in Your Flow of Work

Tableau Pulse Next-Gen Experiences provides business leaders tailored insights and performance metrics directly in their flow of work to email, Slack, Tableau dashboards, Salesforce, or any application.

Today, it’s a given: To do your job and drive your goals, you need timely data around key metrics. But is it showing up in the apps you normally use? Or do you have to open unfamiliar tools to access this important information?

In the course of their work, most people use a variety of productivity tools, and some are more popular than others. What’s essential is that you aren’t forced to go outside your regular workflow to integrate the metrics you need.

Now imagine your team’s analytics professionals providing analytics directly in your normal daily activity, so you can drive efficiency and productivity across your team. This is Tableau Pulse.

Tableau Pulse Next-Gen Experiences integrates into your flow of work, whether it’s email or Slack, mobile, or desktop. The goal is to deliver the data you need where and when you need it.  

Tableau Pulse in Slack
Tableau Pulse integrates into your flow of work with Slack to deliver insights that answer your business questions.

Relevance—not information overload—in your inbox

We’ve all dealt with the annoyance of push notifications. Sometimes they are relevant, and sometimes they aren’t. And often, the process of unsubscribing to the things you don’t want isn't possible without also eliminating the notifications you really need. It doesn’t take long before your deep dive into a weekly email becomes a quick glance. Further down the road, the glance turns into a skip all together. 

Different users have different needs for data and different things they care about; for data to be useful, it must be meaningful to you. When you're in a weekly all-up meeting, you represent the needs of your team. However, other team leaders are also in the meeting—and their needs are no less important to the business. How can we support relevance to each team while increasing data delivery speed and efficiency?   

The goal of Tableau Pulse is to remove the information overload by zooming in on what you need as a business user—with content that is curated by you.

Unleashing the power of insights

Data is more than numbers; it should be a source of actionable insights that can drive your team's performance and, ultimately, your business's success.

What’s often overlooked in efforts to provide users with data on demand is the analytical human element, that is, data that speaks to the user as an analyst would, in a way that leads to quicker decision making and stronger business outcomes. Tableau Pulse’s Summaries, Insights, and questions provide the user with a feedback loop that enables verification and further development of the veracity of the data.

Tableau Pulse Mobile  Tableau Pulse Mobile Insight QandA
Tableau Pulse provides a mobile experience, allowing business users to access summaries and charts—even while they’re on the go.

Insights are most valuable if the timing is right

Are useful insights arriving when you need them—that is, do the data-driven insights you receive align with your critical decision-making moments? Or do they arrive at a time when they’re no longer useful?

It's not just about sending data; it's about automated insight detection and ensuring those insights arrive when they’re most relevant and valuable to you. This means, for example, receiving a weekly digest showing the metrics you care about right before a critical meeting. It's about data that supports your decision-making process in a timely and efficient manner.

A report that arrives too early may become obsolete, and one that arrives too late is of little use. With Tableau Pulse, users set the cadence of their data digest to align with the moment when decisions need to be made.

Collaboration and teamwork on a company-wide scale

Can I use this dashboard to collaborate with my team?

Rarely do individuals work in complete isolation. The data that ends up in your flow of work should have relevance to you, however, it should also have the ability to foster collaboration and teamwork. 

After all, you're not only working with your own team, but cross-functionally with various stakeholders and other teams in the organization. Your success is intertwined with your team's performance, and their collaborative efforts are pivotal to reaching their targets. Traditionally, achieving this level of collaboration required dedicated meetings where the team huddled to discuss data, share insights, and make collective decisions.

Receiving relevant, well-timed, and insightful data streams in your flow of work enables improved collaboration and teamwork. 

Tableau Pulse reimagines your workflow experience

Let’s take a look at your workflow after implementing Tableau Pulse. 

On a typical weekday morning, your inbox signals a new email from Tableau Pulse. Opening it reveals an unexpected change to a key Metric you’re following. The email provides a clear summary, alerting you to the trend. Motivated to understand the cause, you decide to dig deeper by asking a question about your data. You want to know what’s driving this trend so you can understand what you should do to address it. 

After you receive these insights, you want to ensure your colleagues are on the same page. With a few clicks, you add key team members to share the insight and the data. Collaboration is seamless, and everyone has access to the same insights. 

Without leaving your desk, you have the data and insights you need to make confident, informed business decisions on time.

Learn more about Tableau Pulse Next-Gen Experiences

Now you can discover, follow, and share your key business metrics to quickly identify insights in a friendly and intuitive experience. Watch the demo to learn more about how Tableau Pulse powered by Tableau AI provides digestible data insights wherever you like to work—whether it’s in email, Slack, Tableau dashboards, or any application.