Damovo cuts reporting time from two hours to 30 seconds

Damovo has local branches throughout Europe, offering international communication services in more than 100 countries. Damovo pulls data from Salesforce, MySQL and LucaNet, their financial planning software. They use Tableau to report on service level agreements and operative KPIs—increasing transparency with customers. With the migration, Damovo increased speed and flexibility in their reporting. As he continues to grow his Tableau skills, Jens Bruckmann often consults Tableau community forums, summing up his experience with: “Working with Tableau is fun!”

Tableau: Can you tell us about Damovo? Jens Bruckmann, Operations Manager: We look after more than 2,000 customers across 100 countries in the field of voice communications. From project planning to entire phone systems for key accounts, networks, analog, digital, UC—basically everything the modern communications market has to offer. You name it, we are doing it.

Reports that took 2 to 3 hours with Excel only take 30 seconds with Tableau.

Tableau: How do you use Tableau at your company? Jens Bruckmann: We use Tableau to report on service level agreements and operative KPIs, because it allows us to be very transparent towards our customers. We connect to an SQL interface, Salesforce, and Lucanet. We are also developing a web data interface for Cisco that will allow us to do live monitoring. There are a lot of opportunities for us to use Tableau in our business. Tableau: What do your users like most? Jens Bruckmann: We especially value the versatility and that it’s very easy to present visualizations. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot to be able to handle Tableau. It’s true learning by doing. And the more you use it, the better you become and the more ideas you develop. Tableau: What benefit has the solution brought to your organization? Jens Bruckmann: We used to do a lot with Excel, and accordingly, the reporting was very time-consuming. It used to take several days for a report to be generated. We could cut that down a bit—sometimes down to two or three hours per report with Excel automation. But now with Tableau, we are able to get those reports within 30 seconds with just a click. Tableau: What was the initial situation? Jens Bruckmann: Due to the report growing in complexity to the point where Excel just couldn’t keep up, we had to find a new solution that was much more effective. We took a very careful look at the market and compared a lot of the competitors. We found Tableau to offer exactly what we needed and delivers the value we want at a price we are willing to pay. In our opinion that is the best possible outcome. Tableau: Are there any other things that you love about Tableau? Jens Bruckmann: What I really value in Tableau as a company is the flexibility. It’s a very amicable relationship of short distances. That is a big plus. They are always ready to help. The community is great and the level of cooperation is remarkable. Working with Tableau is fun!