Data analysis shouldn't be an isolating task—that's why Tableau is built for collaboration. Team members are able to share data, make follow up queries, and forward easy-to-digest visualizations to others who could gain value from the data. Making sure everyone understands the data and is able to make informed decisions is critical to success. Tableau makes collaborating around data easy. From web editing and authoring to data source recommendations, give everyone the ability to engage with the data they need. Publish your dashboard to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud in seconds, making it easy for everyone in your organization to see your insights, ask questions, and make decisions. Learn how you can start sharing your data discoveries today.

Web authoring let's you and your team share insights fast

By publishing your workbook up to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud with web edit rights, teams can work together to make changes in a central place—giving them the ability to work efficiently and collaboratively.

Keep everyone in the know

Whether you want to get an update of a dashboard on a daily or weekly basis, or make sure your boss does, subscriptions make it easy to keep everyone updated.

Tableau gives us the ability to work together on the solution and then collaborate more effectively as we're building it.