How Victor Muñoz Landed a Data Visualization Gig Using Hire Me

From Information Security analyst to dashboard designer, meet Victor Muñoz who acquired a data viz job within two months of creating a Tableau Public profile.

Since the platform was founded in 2010, millions of people have used Tableau Public to develop their data visualization skills, find inspiration, and connect with like-minded data enthusiasts from around the world. While we’re thrilled to be celebrating this milestone, we also want to recognize the accomplishments of those in the Tableau Community, like Victor Muñoz.

Victor Muñoz, a data enthusiast and a former Information Security Analyst in the financial sector, embarked on a journey of professional introspection to find his true purpose in life. His career transition has now led him to the world of data visualization, with Tableau as his preferred platform. Drawing from his experience in information security analysis, Victor brings a unique perspective to his data visualization work, with the goal of expressing ideas, sharing knowledge, and helping others make informed decisions.

Since the spring of 2023, Victor has dedicated himself to building his Tableau skills, actively engaging with the data visualization community, and achieving milestones such as recognition for Viz of the Day. He has participated in various community challenges, projects, and events like #IronQuest, #VizForSocialGood, #VizOfficeHours, #DataBookClub, and ComuniDatos. Currently, he is focused on enhancing his data visualization process, continuing to build connections within the community, and pursuing meaningful projects.

How long have you been using Tableau?

I started learning Tableau in May of 2023 when I created a free Tableau Public profile and began publishing data visualizations.

What role has Tableau Public played in your professional development? 

Tableau Public has been significant in my professional development. It has helped me in various ways. First, it has facilitated the growth of my data visualization skills, offering a free platform to explore the full spectrum of Tableau's capabilities. Second, it has enabled me to build a personal portfolio, reinforcing my online presence and personal branding, which has attracted potential career opportunities.

Additionally, I have leveraged Tableau Public to make global connections, participate in knowledge sharing, obtain feedback, and discover inspiration within the Tableau community. I appreciate Tableau's cross-community connectivity, which has allowed me to engage with other data communities such as the Data Visualization Society and the Elevate DataViz Community, enhancing my data visualization journey with complementary knowledge.

You recently landed a job using the Hire Me button on your Tableau Public profile. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

I remember that I activated the Hire Me button on Tableau Public on July 4th, as my plan to pursue my data visualization career. On July 26th, I was approached by a strategic communications consultancy in the UK to create a visualization showcasing healthcare issue prioritization across different regions. This opportunity not only challenged my Tableau skills but also introduced me to the project management processes in the freelance world. 

While I initially focused on mastering Tableau, this project provided a better understanding of the administrative aspects, including data visualization briefs, contracts, pricing models, and payment procedures. What made this opportunity special was that my client referenced one of my earlier visualizations, Decoding the Elements of Figure Skating, which I created earlier that month.

I wouldn't have made it without the support and resources from the Tableau Community, which greatly contributed to my preparation. This, along with the guidance of my DVS mentor and insights from the Elevate community, particularly regarding client management, helped me successfully complete the project.

Do you have a favorite topic that you like to viz? 

At this stage of my data viz journey, I stick to the recommendation of learning with my passions, hobbies, and interests. My interests encompass a broad spectrum of topics including history, social impact projects, security and privacy, science fiction, personal finances, indoor cycling, and figure skating. I anticipate creating more visualizations related to these subjects.

I am excited to present about the above viz, Travel Through My Digital Footprint, during the virtual Tableau Public User Group on January 11. I'm having fun working on my presentation and can’t wait share my lessons on my creative process!

Do you have a favorite viz or author on Tableau Public?

While I hold admiration for many other Tableau authors, I closely follow the work of Brian Moore, Ant Pulley, and Satoshi Ganeko. Their unconventional visualizations inspire me to push the boundaries of Tableau. 

My favorite Tableau Public visualization is Self Reflection of #VizForSocialGood by Samuel Parsons.

This visualization beautifully showcases the contributions of volunteers in Viz For Social Good projects. It resonates with me as I value the opportunity to create visualizations for meaningful causes. The visual design, usability, and overall user experience of this project inspire me to create similarly impactful work in the future.

We are celebrating 10+ years of Tableau Public. What is your favorite feature of Tableau Public?

My favorite feature of Tableau is map layers. This feature is incredibly versatile, not only for building maps but for a wide range of visualizations. The ability to manage multiple elements on a single page, including renaming, hiding, and configuring specific object selections, has significantly enhanced my work. I make the most of the "make point" and "make line" functions to add more details to my projects.

You recently spent an extended amount of time in Turkey. If members of the DataFam visit, what do you recommend they do?

In 2023 I started to travel around the world, and one of the cities I visited was Istanbul. I truly recommend this city, not just because of its historical and cultural importance, but because of the experiences you can find in this massive city. If somebody comes to Istanbul, I recommend they immerse themselves in the local culture, be open-minded towards the Turkish people, and appreciate their warmth and hospitality. 

Drink Turkish tea or Turkish coffee on the street with a Turkish delight. Walk on Istiklal Street, getting lost in the busy activity, from stores to people taking pictures and even the charming tram that runs through the middle of the street. If you have the opportunity, both sunset and sunrise are the most magical and peaceful things to see about the horizon with an endless city on the view. 

Visit the mosques, and get inspired by all the little details in the tiles and the elegant lamps! And try to do it during the day, and also during the night, you are going to feel the peace of these places. Lastly, I also like being on public transport, especially the metro; the culture that they have is irreplaceable, and you can really feel how coordinated everybody is. 

Victor Munoz

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