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How modern BI balances IT control with business access

Don't sacrifice governance, scalability, or automation. With modern, self-service analytics at scale, those closest to the data are empowered to iteratively ask and answer their own questions.

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Members of the Tableau Community share insights and best practices from their personal experiences moving from traditional to modern BI.

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Evaluating a modern BI platform with josh parenteau

Josh Parenteau

Market Intelligence Director, Tableau

1. Evaluating a modern BI platform

Satisfying the self-service needs of the business while maintaining governance may seem like an either/or choice. It’s not.  Learn the core attributes that IT must consider when evaluating and selecting a modern analytics platform. 

Key takeaways:

  1. Why moving from Traditional to Modern analytics is needed in today’s business landscape
  2. What to consider when evaluating Modern Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms
  3. How shifting to enterprise self-service analytics tools empowers both the business and IT


Kevin Taylor

Sales Consultant, Tableau

2. Governance Framework

When exploring self-service analytics at enterprise scale, governance is likely one of your top considerations.  Combining people, process, and technology, the Tableau Governance Framework creates accountability and enables access to secure and trusted data and for all skill levels in your organization.  

Key takeaways:

  1. Benefits when the business and IT strike a balance between agility and control of data
  2. Considerations when designing your own data governance processes
  3. Features of Tableau Server that are critical to implementing a successful governance strategy


webinar with Tim Daunch

Tim Daunch

Senior Sales Consultant, Tableau

3. Managing data

Tableau Server has many built-in features to promote security, governance, data exploration, and collaboration. Data Server is arguably the most powerful of these tools. Discover how you can confidently manage your data while enabling ad-hoc exploration for the business.

Key takeaways:

  1. Tips to manage the proliferation of duplicate data sources
  2. How to provide centralized metadata management
  3. The key to simplifying how users access data stored in your databases


Deployment flexibility webinar with Kevin Hulbert

Kevin Hulbert

Sales Consultant, Tableau

4. Deployment flexibility

You need an analytics platform that will leverage your existing environment and evolve for future growth. Learn how Tableau gives you more flexibility than any other analytics platform in the market. Integrate with what you have, including computing platform and sources of data. Access data with a live connection or data extract. Deploy Tableau Server where you want: on-premises, public cloud, or SaaS—it’s your choice.

Key takeaways:

  1. Overview of flexible deployment options with Tableau Server
  2. Considerations for cross-platform capability
  3. How to utilize multiple data-query patterns


Enterprise roll out webinar with Andy Cooper

Andy Cooper

Sales Consultant, Customer Solutions, Tableau

5. Enterprise roll out

Selecting software the business wants does not ensure success. In fact, the role of IT becomes even more critical to facilitate rollout and enablement throughout your organization. Join this webinar to uncover proven practices for IT-powered modern analytics.

Key takeaways:

  1. Understanding top considerations for both business and IT
  2. Identifying your vision for modern analytics
  3. Resources to ensure success for you and your team


6 Myths of Moving from Traditional to Modern BI

Bust the myths surrounding modern BI

Afraid that modern BI will force you to invest in a new architecture or a new data strategy? Wary of an ungoverned, Wild West? Do you think your migration is just too complex to be done?

It's time to discern fact from fiction and leave the tall tales behind.

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