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Tableau Server Management Add-on 2020.1

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Early End of Maintenance Notice

Maintenance for this version has ended and the download links have been removed for security purposes. For more information, please see this Knowledge Base article.

Resolved Issues

Problem-id Beskrivning

Localized 'All Users' groups could not be associated with non-localized 'All Users' groups to replicate permissions in the Tableau Content Migration Tool.


Added an additional check and improved error messaging during Agent registration to make it clear that registration between the Agent and Master requires HTTPS in the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool


Changed the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool incident status icon so it is different than the Tableau Server incident status icon.


Agent memory usage increased if the Agent was unable to communicate with the Master server.


The Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool's Postgres schema has been updated to optimize the calculation of aggregated metrics.


When configuring the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool on Tableau Server, the error "Web Service Restarting" would occur and the page loads indefinitely.



Mån, 24 Februari, 2020