Connect directly to your QuickBooks Online data in Tableau 10

Update: Tableau 10 is here! Download now to try out the feature outlined below.

Tableau 10 includes a new feature to help small-business owners: a connector to QuickBooks Online!

If you are one of the millions of people who rely on QuickBooks Online to track your expenses, prepare for taxes, or invoice your customers, you might be as excited as we are about this feature. You can now connect directly to your Quickbooks data, and analyze and share your findings.

Here’s how the new connector works in Tableau.

This connection provides countless opportunities to see and understand your business in a whole new way.

Drill into your business and explore which customers are purchasing what products, and when they’re likely to do so again. Correlate your sales data in QuickBooks with your customer referrals and other marketing efforts.

Dive deeper into your products’ revenue and see how it compares to expenses. Then zoom back out and see exactly what’s happening across each part of your business as of that month, that week, that day.

Join the beta

If you are already a QuickBooks Online user, we want your feedback! We’ve made your accounting data available in Tableau, and we want to make sure we got it right.

Does our connector give you access to your data for the way you run your business and use QuickBooks Online? Please join our beta program and let us know how we can make connecting to your data an even more delightful experience.

Learn more about Tableau 10

Tableau 10 includes a brand new look and feel, and a host of new features to help you prep, analyze, and share your insights even faster. Check out our Coming Soon page for details.

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