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Prove your technical skills with a Specialist or Qualified Associate exam, then get tested on best practices in a Certified Professional exam. Whatever you choose, your title will showcase your expertise and skill in Tableau.

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No need to go to a testing centre. Exams are available online so you can test any time, anywhere. In-person exams are offered at Tableau Conference and select Tableau Conference On Tours.

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Holding a Tableau certification distinguishes you as an expert. Get noticed by your boss or potential employers. Read how being certified has benefited others.

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We’re offering a 50% discount on our new Tableau Desktop Specialist exam until 31 December 2018. This discount is automatically applied at the time of purchase. Once purchased, the exam can be scheduled for any time within six months of the purchase date.

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Server Certified Professional exams

We’re expanding our Server Certified Professional exam offerings in 2018.

Limited-capacity in-person sessions will be offered throughout the year at various Tableau offices and Conferences on the following dates.

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Why get Tableau-certified?

Hiring managers look for the stamp of approval. Hear from Cisco's Ken Patton on why having a Tableau certification will make you stand out.

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Certifiably Tableau person of the month

Krista Townsend

Certifications: Desktop Qualified Associate
Follow Krista: Tableau Public, LinkedIn

Why did you get certified? I took a break from the corporate world about a year ago. Once I was reinvigorated and ready to hit the job scene again, I started checking the job boards to see what types of positions were available. As I read job descriptions, I kept seeing Tableau experience listed as a “preferred skill”. After researching Tableau, I decided to learn how to use the software to help me as I re-entered Seattle’s competitive job market. If I was going to invest the time to learn Tableau, I knew that I wanted to obtain the certification.

What has being certified done for your career? After updating my LinkedIn profile with the Desktop Qualified Associate certification, I quickly had a recruiter contact me for a position requiring Tableau experience. Ultimately it wasn’t a good fit because it required weekly travel – however, I’d only had the certification for 2 weeks at that point, so I’d say that was a promising start! It’s still less than 1 month since I’ve passed the exam, but I've noticed I'm getting more calls for interviews than prior to holding the certification. So far, so good!

Tips for others thinking about getting certified: You can learn Tableau and get certified even if you don’t consider yourself a “data person”. For years, I told myself that people are wired a certain way. You either like data or you don't. You're either technical or you're not. And if you're not, don't even bother trying. So I never tried. Then I asked myself, "Why NOT me?" With Tableau, I started to enjoy playing with data sets and I never thought that was possible (I still can’t believe I’m saying this!). Telling an employer that you know Tableau is one thing; being certified gives them an extra level of confidence in your ability.

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